July 11th Update

Next Event: Extra Zero Festival

Event Description

You only have a Main Deck this time! You won't be able to rely on your Extra Deck... Take on your opponents with new tactics and seize victory!

This Event has a special Forbidden/Limited List. For more information on the list, please press the Forbidden/Limited button.

Extra Decks are not available for this event. (Pendulum Monsters in the Main Deck, however, can be used as usual.)

The Main Deck will have a special Forbidden/Limited List. Some cards will be unavailable for the sake of game balance.


Loaner Decks

  • The Adventurer-Summoning "Rite of Aramesir"
  • Floowandereeze's Travel Diary
  • Machina Activation

Upcoming Campaign

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL 40 Million Downloads Appreciation Campaign!

Keep in mind that the datamined information is speculation, and remains unconfirmed until officially announced by Konami

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