The 4th edition of the basic pack containing the must-have cards for all duelists in 2021! Introducing a new card that strengthens the deck of the main character "Yu-Gi-Oh!" In the anime "ARC-V"! New trump cards with powerful effects are also recorded, expanding the range of strategies !! In addition to the appearance of new series and enhancement cards of existing series, powerful cards with high versatility are also recorded! Also pay attention to the "+1 bonus pack" included in the first production version BOX !!

(All information via: Konami official OCG website. Translations below:)


The new ace monster is OCG's first ritual / pendulum, which can be ritual summoned or Pendulum summoned from your hand! Damage the opponent every time he deploys a monster from the Extra deck, invalidate the activation of the magic effect & put himself in the Pendulum zone to check the opponent! In the Pendulum zone, the Pendulum effect of adding ritual magic to your hand and returning yourself to your hand will help you prepare for further development.

In addition, the new monsters of "EM" have a convenient effect in preparing and adjusting the Pendulum scale, and strongly support the development to the trump card !!

Also pay attention to the magic card that allows you to Pendulum summon a monster from the EX deck only once in addition to the normal Pendulum summon, and the trap card whose effect changes depending on the difference between the two Pendulum scales in the Pendulum zone!


A level 10 Synchro monster with a powerful front-maintaining effect that revives allies and yourself from the graveyard, and a level 8 Synchro monster with two powerful effects that help capture the opponent's field have appeared!

A level 6 synchro / tuner that has the effect of changing your level while sending your deck allies to the graveyard and the effect of reviving from the graveyard, a level 2 tuner that is treated as a "zombie carrier" and revives from the graveyard, and your own while protecting your allies from destruction. Level 8 monsters that can be connected to special summons are also included to support S summons! Magical and trap cards that have the effect of expanding and reusing friends are also powerful!


New rank 1 and rank 4 Xyz monsters have appeared in the "Heroic" series, which is good at increasing attack power and fighting! Level 1 and level 4 monsters that support deployment are also recorded, and Xyz summoning is easy with the effect of adding your own special summon, level matching, and support card to your hand! The magic card that adds the "heroic" monster from the deck to your hand is also powerful!

In addition to the conventional development that increases the attack power, the LP will be 500, but by utilizing rank 4 which has the effect of doubling the attack power, one shot is deadly with a tremendous attack power! Some of the new cards also have an effect that can be activated in a pinch (LP is 500 or less), supporting a big reversal !!


At level 7, Pendulum scale 10 Synchro / Pendulum monsters will appear, and powerful development utilizing Synchro summons and Pendulum summons will be scaled up !! Both monster effects and Pendulum effects add Pendulum monsters to your hand or add cards. Powerful with the effect of destroying! Furthermore, you can aim for a high level Pendulum summon by putting yourself in the Pendulum zone !!