With Konami's Day 2 Presentation, a bunch of new information has dropped about Master Duel!

Overview Video


Disclaimer: All of this information is our current approximation based on the overview video, we will update any incorrect information ASAP!


  • There will be a Ranked Mode with various ranks (similar to Duel Links or Magic the Gathering: Arena)
  • There will be in-game "Events" (presumably PvP events with rewards).
  • There will be a Practice Mode where you can practice Decks against the CPU
  • There will be a Story Mode where you can play through various plotlines within the Duel Monsters universe (as seen previously)

Decks and Card Crafting

  • There appears to be a robust Deck Database from all sorts of players.
  • There will be a "Draw Test Hand" feature
  • There appears to a be a crafting system for individual cards, using "Keys" (This is similar to Hearthstone's "Dust" system).
  • In the given example, extra copies Loading... were shown to be able to be "converted" into 10 "Super Rare Keys" each and 1 Loading... was able to be crafted for 30 "Super Rare Keys".

Shop and Monetization

  • You can purchase "Master Duel Packs" for "Gems". It does not seem that these Master Duel Packs pull from any specific set.
  • Opening Super Rares and Ultra Rares provide the player with "Key Cards" which seems most familiar to Magic the Gathering: Arena's "Wild Card" system (This is not confirmed).
  • You can also purchase customization options like Boards, Sleeves, Icons, and "Deck Masters" that sit on the side of the board like mascots.

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