Konami has officially announced the Invincible Raid Selection Pack, coming out on August 9th. Valiant Wings will be leaving the shop at this time.

Invincible Raid Announced Cards

Introducing "Beetrooper" that wield Link and Fusion Summons, as well as the Trap-Setting "Dinomorphia" archetype! Look out for new cards including "Nordic" and "D/D" cards!

"Beetroopers" deploy Insect-Type monsters to wield Link and Fusion Monsters. "Dinomorphia" spend LP (Life Points) to concentrate on powerful effects through Trap Cards. Both are now available as new archetypes! And of course, don't forget about the "D/D" monsters that can become your new trump card, as well as "Nordic" cards that provide crucial support to "Aesir" monsters!

Invincible Raid Cards

Note The following cards are confirmed to be added in the latest update and are from from Dawn of Majesty, Burst of Destiny, Battle of Chaos, or Ghosts from the Pasts 2. Their archetypes are referenced directly in the Selection Packs' description and are almost assuredly in the Selection Pack.

Other Cards

Note The following cards were in the latest update but not explicitly referenced in the Description of Invincible Raid. To round our the pack. some of these "Leftover Cards" from Burst of Destiny, Dawn of Majesty, and/or Battle of Chaos (generally TCG Exclusives) will also be in the Selection Pack. The remaining cards will most likely be distributed via the Legacy Pack.

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