How many Gems can I earn from Events/Campaigns? Is the Gem nerf a thing? We are here to help with your questions and clarify your own doubts! The Gems Report includes the amount of Gems you could earn on the past month by playing the Events and Campaigns provided by Konami and more.

Events and Campaigns

New Gates to Solo Mode

Solo Mode Rewards

Synchro Festival

  • From April 12th until April 21st.

Event Rewards

  • 2,300 Gems (11,000 Medals)

Campaign Missions

  • 250 Gems Inflict 10,000 Damage
  • 250 Gems Win Duel 10 times
  • 250 Gems Special Summon 50 times
  • 250 Gems Normal Summon 50 times
  • 250 Gems Destroy Monsters 50 times
  • 250 Gems Duel 10 times

Total: 3,800 Gems

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