Vaylantz is a Pendulum-based archetype from the Battle Trajectory selection pack. While this archetype hasn't been very successful in both the OCG and the TCG since its launch, the deck is very unique in how it plays the game in that its playstyle is closer to a board game than a YuGiOh deck.

The archetype’s theme was thought to be based on a board game, but the arrival of Loading... may suggest a different genre. The current Monsters are split into two separate factions, WATER Spellcasters and FIRE Machines. All of the Monsters can Summon themselves from the Pendulum Zone and have effects facilitating the movement of Monsters from one zone to another or profiting off of being moved, which is the main gimmick of the deck.

Vaylantz Cards

Main Deck Monsters

All of the main deck Monsters have these traits.

  • An ignition effect you can activate during the Main Phase and a trigger effect that activates when the card gets moved.

  • The Level 2s and 4s can Summon themselves from the Pendulum Zone, but restrict you into Extra Deck Monsters and Vaylantz Monsters for the rest of the turn.

  • The Level 6s and 8s can Summon themselves without xeno-locking the player, but require a Monster of the same Type and Attribute on the field or a specific Field Spell to be in either Field Spell Zone.

WATER Spellcasters

LV2 Shinonome
Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess

The one-card starter and searcher for the deck. Her ignition effect searches for a Vaylantz Spell (Loading... or eventually Loading... ). Her trigger effect searches for a Vaylantz Monster. This is the card that generates the most advantage and is your main playmaker, so you’d want to run as many copies as you can.

FIRE Machines

LV2 Baron
Vaylantz Buster Baron

One of your movers. Its ignition effect moves a Vaylantz Monster horizontally, while its trigger moves a Monster from the Pendulum Zone to an adjacent S/T Zone. Played at max because it is a Level 2 (easily Summonable) and a mover.

LV4 Saion
Saion the Vaylantz Archer

Both of this Monster’s effects are coinflip-based and deal with removal. Its ignition effect targets an opponent's Effect Monster and either negates or halves its ATK, while its trigger effect either destroys or bounces to hand a targeted card. Generally, you wouldn’t want to open this too much, but comes up when going second and is useful to break boards.

Note: The coin flip occurs during effect resolution, so the opponent would also have to guess what it lands on, similar to Loading... .

LV4 Viscount
Vaylantz Voltage Viscount

Part of your recursion and extension. The ignition effect places a Vaylantz Monster from the face-up Extra Deck to a S/T Zone. While its trigger places a Vaylantz Monster straight to your Pendulum Zone. It can place higher scales (like Grand Duke) into your Pendulum Zone and is easily Summonable.

Note: Placing a Monster into your far left/right S/T Zone will not place them in the Pendulum Zone. It is easy to mess up your combos with this Monster, so be careful running it if you believe you are not as familiar with the deck.

LV6 Nazuki
Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja

This ninja moves a lot. Its ignition effect allows you to move a Monster horizontally to an adjacent Monster Zone, while its trigger lets you vertically move a Monster up by Summoning it from the S/T Zone into a Monster Zone. This helps you activate most of our Monster effects, so run as much as you can. It may also act as a sort of disruption or board breaking to certain decks like Links that rely on certain positioning.

Funnily enough, the card has ninja in its name so it’s technically a part of the Ninja archetype.

LV6 Marquess
Vaylantz Mad Marquess

The dice roll Monster of the archetype. Its ignition effect excavates for a Vaylantz card based on the dice roll. Its trigger effect allows you to Summon a Monster from the S/T to the same column, as long as you don’t roll 1 or 6. Your only other Monster searcher, so run as many as you can fit.

LV8 Hojo
Hojo the Vaylantz Warrior

This Monster’s effects are a bit niche. Its ignition effect lets you return to hand a face-up S/T, useful for temporary removal or resetting your Senet Switch to use it again. The trigger effect lets you fuse into a Vaylantz Monster using Monsters on your field, S/T Zones, or hand, and is usually your only way to get to Mamonaka. Run usually at 1 and is pretty much the first Monster to be fully cut out if needing more space.

Note that bouncing Senet Switch lets its effect be reused once reactivated. Unlike all of the Vaylantz Monsters’ effects, Senet Switch is not a hard once per turn and can be reused.

LV8 Dominator Duke
Vaylantz Dominator Duke

A useful board breaker. Its ignition effect seals a set S/T, forcing the opponent to activate it right then or forgo it this turn. Its trigger effect steals an opponent’s Monster and treats it as a Vaylantz Monster. Activating both of this Monster and Hojo’s trigger effects can act as a pseudo-Super-poly (although this is only possible simultaneously with the release of Loading... ) while using the effect on your turn can let you steal a Monster to turn it into a Grand Duke.

Extra Deck

All of the Extra Deck Vaylantz have the Pendulum effect to either Summon themselves from the Pendulum Zone or move a Monster you control. These Monsters are the only high scales in the archetype, with Mamonaka and Grand Duke being scale 10, and Arctus XII being a scale 12.

LV10 Mamonaka
Mamonaka the Vaylantz United

The boss of the WATER Spellcasters. This has a quick effect to place an opponent Monster on the S/T Zone as removal. It doesn’t negate any effect however and does require 3 Vaylantz to Fusion Summon, so it would be hard to do so. Is the first to be cut out if needing more utility spots in the Extra Deck.

LV10 Grand Duke
Vaylantz Genesis Grand Duke

The boss of the FIRE Machines. This one is a lot easier to get out from face-down, as it only requires you to tribute a Level 5 or higher main deck Vaylantz Monster in the columns under the Extra Monster Zones, or just by Fusion Summoning it with two Vaylantz. On Summon, it bounces an opponent’s Monster in the S/T Zone to their hand, burns them, and gains ATK. One of two ways to access a high scale (with the other being Beyond the Pendulum).

Note: this burn effect and ATK gain will only resolve properly if the target Monster card is actually returned to the hand, not if the Monster card is returned to the Extra Deck, shuffled into the deck, or banished due to some other effect. The burn will still apply if the card is returned to your hand (like returning a lava golem or kaiju).