Originally piloted by Yuma in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Utopia was first introduced to the card game as one of the first Xyz Monsters back in 2011. What was once just a single monster has since blossomed into several archetypes all united around the original Utopia and its many forms.

Though it suffers from some issues, these days Utopia is still a powerful option to put out a variety of strong boards. The strategy generally revolves around spamming out weaker Level 4 monsters to summon the base Xyz Monsters, which through various effects allow you to Summon out the true boss monsters of the deck.

Core Cards

The Zexal Servants

ZS - Armed Sage
ZS - Ascended Sage
ZS - Utopic Sage

The ZS, or Zexal Servants, are a series of cards that generally aid in searching important cards or aiding in Summoning cards to the field.

The first of these is Loading... , which Special Summons itself while you control no cards and adds a rank-up-magic Normal Spell to you hand when used as material for a Utopia Xyz Summon. Loading... Special Summons itself while you control exactly 1 Level 4 Monster and adds a ZW card to your hand when used as material for a Utopia Xyz Summon. Finally, Loading... detaches two to Special Summon a ZS from your deck while also being able to banish itself to prevent one of your Utopia Monsters from getting destroyed.

The Zexal Weapons

ZW - Pegasus Twin Saber
ZW - Tornado Bringer
ZW - Lightning Blade
ZW - Asura Strike

The ZW, or Zexal Weapons, are a series of monsters that boost up your Utopia Monsters. They generally equip themselves to a monster to provide an attack bonus as well as a bonus effect. Loading... provides a monster negate that activates at resolution, Loading... and Loading... provide targeting and destruction protection respectively, and Loading... allows a Utopia Monster to attack each monster your opponent controls once.

Generally, one Loading... is run alongside one other ZW as backup since Loading... has conditions on when it can be equipped (your LP must be 2k lower than your opponent's) that generally prevent you from equipping it from your hand on your first turn, so it's important that the backup ZW is able to equip itself from hand while providing useful effects in case it is drawn.

It is important to note that Loading... negates at resolution rather than activation like most negates do. This means when an opponent activates a monster effect, you will not be prompted to negate it with Loading... , but instead when the chain starts to resolve and the opponent's effect would apply, you are then prompted to negate with Loading... . Since this is mid chain, its nearly impossible for your opponent to respond to making it one of the stronger negates available in the game.

The Onomat Monsters

The Onomats, once the 4 separate archetypes of Gagaga, Gogogo, Dododo, and Zubaba, are a powerful engine that allow us to swarm the field with Level 4 Monsters to make Summoning out Xyz Monsters easier.

Utopic Onomatopoeia
Zubababancho Gagagacoat
Dodododwarf Gogogoglove
  • Loading... can Special Summon 1 each of each original Onomat archetype from your hand (up to 2 each of Loading... and Loading... ).
  • Loading... can Special Summon 1 Dododo or Gogogo Monster from your GY (usually Loading... but potentially Loading... ) and/or Special Summon itself from the hand while you control a Zubaba or Gagaga Monster (meaning Loading... ).
  • Loading... can Special Summon itself from the GY while you control a Gogogo or Dododo Monster (including Loading... ) and/or Special Summon 1 Zubaba or Gagaga Monster from the hand (Either Loading... or Loading... ).

These are the monsters that do the actual swarming. Since each belongs to 2 of the original Onomat archetypes (or all 4 in the case of Utopic Onomat), their effects synergize really well with each other, meaning if you have 2+ unique Onomat Monsters, all of them can be Summoned to the field on that turn.