The Ultra Athletes archetype is a deck centered around many different sports, with the main gimmick being able to swap out cards from your field to your hand, similar to subbing in and out players in an actual sport. The deck focuses on putting out offensive cards on your turn to do battle with and then switching them to defensive cards in your MP2. Lets go over all the U.A. cards you can consider.

U.A Cards


U.A. Libero Spiker

One of the two Normal Summonable U.A Monsters, Spiker will be your Normal Summon for most of your games, or what you will be searching in the event that you do not have a Normal Summon. It's first effect allows us to summon him out by returning another U.A monster to our hand. Every U.A monster has this effect with one exception, which I will mention later. The second effect allows us to return one Level 5+ U.A. from our hand to Special Summon out a different one on our opponents field. Keep in mind that it does not have an activated effect you can use on your turn.

U.A. Midfielder

Our second Normal Summonable U.A. monster. It's effect allows us to swap out a U.A. on the field for one in hand as a quick effect. This allows us to setup protection via swapping our monsters on our opponents turn. However it's mainly a second search target for cards like Loading...

U.A. Mighty Slugger

Slugger is an offensive card which stops our opponents from using cards and effects when it attacks, until the end of the Damage Step. It's okay in certain scenarios, but in general battle Traps are very slow and see much less play, and it does not completely stop your opponent from using cards in the Battle Phase or before the end of the Main Phase.

U.A. Playmaker

Playmaker is another offensive card whose effect allows us you to effectively transfer his attack to other monsters. If you want to use him, make sure he attacks first in order to capitalize on this.

U.A. Perfect Ace

U.A. Perfect Ace