Hello there I am

and my favorite archetype is Time Thief, released on January 2019 in Savage strike. This control archetype revolves around a rank 4 monster Loading... whose effects causes different interactions depending on the card types it has as xyz materials. The archetype achieves this by stealing opponent's cards from top of the deck, filed or GY with various different cards. It can also attach their own spells and traps too.

The Boss Monster, Time Thief Redoer 2-3x

Time Thief Redoer

As said before Redoer has effects based on the card types it detaches as material. For monster it banishes itself until the end phase to dodge removal, spells to draw a card which is always an appreciated effect in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and for traps it can send a face up card from your opponent's field to the top of the deck. that last trap effect is what makes redoer a great monster for removal as it get rid of anything face up without targeting and spinning it back into the deck which is always annoying to happen to your cards. Unfortunately there are some cons for it to have a trap it either uses its standby phase effect to take the top card as material hoping you get a card you like or support it by using the rest of its archetype which is subpar or summon it with Loading... . Another mayor issue is that because its effect does not detach for cost and involves a drawing effect the removal can be stap by Loading... regardless if redoer has a spell or not. Overall pretty good xyz that sees plays in other decks.

Core cards

Time Thief Regulator 3x

Time Thief Regulator

The best normal summon of the deck whose effect can be summed up as the Loading... . with the rest of the archetype having on summon or GY effect and putting 2 level 4 on field he makes an amazing normal summon. common theme you'll see here is that this deck hates Loading... . Great normal but huge choke on the ash, luckily you can stop ash with Loading... and Loading... .

Time Thief Winder 3x

Time Thief Winder

The Loading... of the deck on summon searching any other Time Thief card and is also a good extender from the hand. Not much to say but you play it for consistency

Time Thief Adjuster 2-3x

Time Thief Adjuster

This pretty Scientist is your extender of the deck, shes's either a Loading... of the deck or the Loading... she unfortunately can only use one of her effect a turn, but is fine as you mainly user her hand effect more often then not. A good search from Winder when you want a fallow up.

Time Thief Bezel Ship 1-2x

Time Thief Bezel Ship

The time machine itself. This machine like Winder can be an extender from the GY and it comes with a nice effect to act as a Loading... without targeting which is not just a good form on interruption, but it also gives Redoer materials. Overall must play but is not great top open with but there are ways around when you do open it which Adjuster being one of them.