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Hello there, I'm

. My first experience of Yu-Gi-Oh! came fairly late when I stumbled across Duel Links. It was there where I had my first encounter with Synchrons. While the deck was pretty bad, I just couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

Then came Master Duel, the boards which Synchrons could establish in a turn brought shame to my days of Duel Links. I had no prior knowledge or experience of the TCG or OCG before this so everything felt new and fresh.

Now after having some time to fully explore this deck, I can confidently say I am fairly knowledgeable about Synchron.


Synchrons is an archetype primarily found in Stardust Ties, Scrap Iron Soldiers, Synchro of Unity and Beyond Speed. The deck is actually comprised of three main archetypes which are Stardust, Junk, and Synchron alongside numerous other generic Synchros. Turn 1, the deck pumps out numerous negates and can set up a board wipe during the opponent's turn, at the cost of being locked into Synchro Summoning by many cards, including one of the core cards of the deck, Loading... . The latest support released in Master Duel allows the deck to achieve new heights in terms of both power and consistency by modifying our Main and Extra Deck lineup.

Now get ready to Clear Mind Accel Synchro!!!

Main Deck

Core Cards

These are the cards which are required to make the deck run properly. Nearly all Synchron decks contain these cards.

Junk Synchron

Junk Synchron

Loading... is our main combo starter and the Normal Summon of the deck. Its effect allows it to Special Summon one Level 2 or lower Monster from the GY when Normal Summoned. This allows us to make Loading... and start off our combos.

Junk Converter, Doppelwarrior, Caligo Claw Crow

Junk Converter
Caligo Claw Crow

These are our main Level 2 Non-Tuners and targets to Special Summon with Loading... . They also function as extenders to lengthen our combos. I'd like to discuss each of these one by one and highlight their strengths.