Shock and Awe

Hello, I'm

, a player of various decks and master of one who wastes every second of their day studying past formats and the market, but also Yugioh Market Trends! I also really like Spright, enough to brainstorm this guide into reality as passion project!


, Competitive player, Konami Judge. I Took over the guide after the banning of Toadally Awesome and Union Carrier . Mainly working on the Parts after the Tier list.

Spright is a deck based around 2-Axis! In other words, Level 2's, Rank 2's, and Link 2's. No 2* monster is safe from the slightly cute yet oppressive rule of Sprights, except for Archetype-locked cards, of course :).

Why Play Spright?

Spright is a archetype with a small engine with multiple easy to access negates, the ability to force a board through multiple hand traps and able to run a lot of non engine. It's engine has multiple cards that force interaction as soon as its played and puts immense pressure on the opponent.

Seasoned players will probably also tell you that this was the deck that went toe-to-toe, neck-to-neck with Tearlament, a deck commonly regarded as one of the best decks in the history of the game in both OCG and TCG! The Spellbooks to their Dragon Rulers, so to speak.

Despite getting a decent amount of hits on both sides, the deck is still kicking through, and despite taking 4 major hits (The bans of Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and the Semi-Limit of Loading... ), we're still punching and kicking at the sky! May this guide allow you to strike thunderous fear into your opponent, and Good Luck!

The Lights in the Sky

Did you know that Sprights are based off of Sprites, "an upper-atmospheric electrical phenomena named after the fairy due to their elusive nature"? Yes, they are real, and are rather elusive, but look rather beautiful in real person (insert pic here). They vary in colors, but the most common colors of sprites are BLUE and RED.

Why does this matter? Well, when Konami decided to print Sprights, they found it to be a good idea to split the effects and attribute of the cards based on color. Thus, for a good amount of this article, I will be referencing certain Spright cards by whether they are BLUE or RED, and the difference between each is shown below.


The Blue Sprights are all DARK-attribute monsters that represent positive charges. Their main gimmick is that (except for Loading... ) they can search the deck for cards. They also have the important Special Summon clause of requiring a Level OR Rank 2 monster on the field so that they can be Special Summoned from the hand.

Spright Blue
Spright Jet
Spright Pixies
Gigantic Spright

Shown above are all BLUE Sprights, including Pixies. Gigantic technically does search too, but that will be covered later in the article.


The Red Sprights are all FIRE-attribute monsters that represent negative charges. Their main gimmick is that (considering the Main Deck names) they can negate an effect at the cost of tributing a Level/Rank/Link 2 monster you control, or in the case of Loading... , serve as disruption. They also have the important Special Summon clause of requiring a Level OR Link 2 monster on the field (unlike Blue's Level OR Rank requirement) so that they can be Special Summoned from the hand. Loading... , is the weird exception here, as it's main goal is to revive your monsters from GY, which I guess can be considered a way to access disruption!