Welcome to the Grand Spellbook Tower, aspiring Spellcaster! My name is

, and in this article I aim to teach you about the ins and outs of the Spellbook Dogmatika deck and how to play the deck in Master Duel.

What is Spellbook Dogmatika?

The Spellbook Dogmatika deck is a deck focused on consistently Summoning Loading... going first to prevent the opponent from playing the game. Going second, the deck attempts to slow down your opponent's first turn using hand traps. Once you have slowed the duel down using Winda or hand traps, leaving your opponent with minimal interaction, the deck is then able to Summon Loading... to clean up the opponent's board and attack for plenty of damage. With the newly unbanned Loading... , it is now possible to Special Summon a powerful Spellcaster monster in the End Phase if this card resolves.

Core Cards

Main Deck


Spellbook of Secrets

The searcher of all Spellbook cards. This includes all of the Spellbook Spells you play, as well as Loading... , the only monster of the archetype that we play.

Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Nicknamed "Blue Boy", this is the Normal Summon of the deck. Also a primary searcher alongside Loading... , but he only searches Spellbook Spells.

Spellbook of Knowledge