Hi, I am Quariongandrax and one of the premier Speedroid players/fans! I hope with this guide I can spread the joy I find in playing this deck to others that are unfamiliar with the archetype.


Speedroids are a WIND synchro archetype introduced in Yugioh Arc-V and used by Yugo in order to help summon his signature synchro dragon monsters! Speedroids are a deck that takes heavy inspiration from Synchrons, although their playstyles differ outside of both being synchro decks. Speedroids are themed around toys and games, as such we get some very interesting effects beyond the typical searching and summoning like Loading... and Loading... . Several of the deck's main combo lines have built-in RNG, but this does not mean the combos take any less skill. In fact, cards like Loading... make it so that you need to envision two different combo routes that will suit your needs. This will become more apparent as you get accustomed to the deck.

The playstyle of speedroids can easily be described as a mid-range toolbox deck. Although, the deck can be built to be more combo heavy if you prefer to run more gas rather than tech cards. Endboards are moderate in that they generally include only 2 negates and whatever hand traps you may have. Where the deck accels however is in its wide range of synchro options to deal with opponent's boards and excellent graveyard recursion and extension thanks to cards like Loading... and Loading... . Do note that many of our best cards impose a WIND lock if you use their effects in an attempt to keep the deck in on theme.

While I prefer to run the deck as pure as possible the generic materials of Loading... means that the deck can fit a wide variety of WIND based support or be used to supplement other WIND based archetypes such as symphonic warriors, wind witches, and even mecha phantom beasts.

Main cards

Archetypal Starters

Speedroid Terrortop
Speedroid Ultra Hound
Speedroid Marble Machine
  1. Loading... is our best starter, unfortunately it is limited due to abuse in 3 axis style decks so as great as it is we can't rely too hard on opening with it. Run 1.

  2. Loading... is our next best starter. At worst it is a one card Rubber Band Shooter and provides graveyard setup for the follow up turn. Its primary mill targets are Loading... and Loading... . Note that the summon effect is not once per turn, so you can use it twice in one turn if needed with your extra normal summon. Run 2-3.

  3. Loading... searches for an extender on normal summon similar to terrortop. Its pendulum effect is not very useful usually but can help in slow games where you need to stall until you can out a floodgate. Run 2-3.

Main Deck Combo Pieces

Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice
Speedroid Dupligate
Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke
Speedroid Taketomborg
Speedroid Double Yoyo
Speedroid Fuki-Modoshi Piper
  1. Loading... (Which I will refer to as RED) is our synchro swiss army knife, allowing us to manipulate our levels on board to suit our needs. We take full advantage of the no once per turn anywhere on this card. RED is key in almost every combo, though speedroids are able to play without it if push comes to shove. You usually do not want to open with it since it can be summoned off of Taketomborg so running 1 is optimal. Starters with the deck may want to consider running 2 however as it will make some combo lines easier. Run 1-2.

  2. Loading... is the primary target to mill with Ultra Hound allowing it to give you 2 bodies to make Rubber Band Shooter. Its level modulation effect and the fact that it becomes a tuner on field is important as it can save you an activation of RED allowing you to modulate another card (often itself) to open up more synchro options. It is worth remembering that the summon from graveyard effect is once per duel, so use it wisely. Run 1-2.

  3. Loading... is a tuner itself and allows you to banish itself for cost to non-targeting summon a tuner from your graveyard or hand. This is very important as many combos will require bringing RED back from the graveyard when you only run 1. Duke is also an important tool in the grind game with its ability to recur resources and extend plays. Run 2.

  4. Loading... is our primary enabler for getting access to RED. In the event we already have access to RED it can be used to fetch duke or piper to extend plays further. Very important to note that its ability to summon a tuner is not once per turn, but in exchange Taketomborg can only be special summoned once per turn. So be careful about when and how you choose to summon it. Run 3.

  5. Loading... is needed only as an option to reveal off of the Rubber Band Shooter 50/50 in specific scenarios to guarantee an outcome that will allow you to combo regardless of the result. Run 1.

  6. Loading... is technically only needed for a few specific combos that are not critical to the deck’s function, but the utility of an in archetype Pot of Prosperity is well worth it. On summon this card excavates the top cards of your deck up to the number of other wind monsters you control and you choose one to add to your hand. The excavation is not limited to the archetype or even WIND monsters allowing you to pick up extra hand traps or cards like Loading... to protect your more important effects. Also, sometimes you just need a level 4 tuner that is easily summonable off of Duke or Taketomborg Run 1.

Extra Deck Combo Pieces

Hi-Speedroid Cork Shooter
Hi-Speedroid Hagoita
Hi-Speedroid Rubber Band Shooter
  1. Loading... has the option to search a speedroid spell/trap or revive the materials used to summon it if they are all speedroid monsters and all are in the graveyard which is what you want to aim for most of the time. Summoning cork shooter is one of the best ways we have to generate numerous bodies for synchro plays and trigger more uses of RED’s level modulation effect. You will want to avoid making cork shooter with dupligate, pendulums (i.e. marble machine), and taketomborg with its summoning restriction which will prevent you from reviving your materials in many cases. Run 2.

  2. Loading... is the key to getting multiple end board pieces out. Hagoita is a fantastic card that you should have a plan to weave into combos whenever possible as it recurs itself every turn to be used as synchro material. It is also a major player in the speedroid grind game. The quick effect is not often used but can be a lifesaver to dodge effects that would banish or spin it away. Additionally, Hagoita can be a spicy end board piece in certain matchups, as its effect allows you to tribute itself for cost on either player's turn to increase the level of all monsters on the field by 1. Nice level 3s you have there Spright. Run 1.

  3. Loading... (RBS) serves as both an extender and a key combo piece. This link is basically our more balanced archetypal Halq and makes it so that any two wind bodies is a playable hand. Generally RBS is a stepping stone to getting to cork shooter with more hands however it has the added bonus of allowing you to extend further with hands that already can go into cork shooter. When using RBS you always need to envision two results that will both work in your favour due to the coin flip nature of its search/mill. If you get interrupted at an awkward moment you may be forced to gamble but this is not as common as you might expect. Run 1-2.

Archetypal Extenders