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Real Introduction

Welcome to Mysterune Runick, a heavy mill-focused deck.

Now, you may be asking: "Why would I play a mill-focused deck when I could just play my (insert meta deck here) instead?" Good question. Because Runicks are fun and can be splashed into pretty much any deck that doesn't care about a Battle Phase.

So what are Runicks?

Runicks are all based on a mage's journey through Norse Mythology while utilizing the Germanic runes known as "Runicks".

The archetype is almost entirely comprised of Quick-Play Spell Cards that's primary win condition is Deck Out while continually refilling your hand in order to keep ahead of your opponent while doing so.

The main strategy is to interrupt your opponent while utilizing the defensive effects of your Runick Fusions - or whatever other monsters you're using - to ensure your opponent isn't able to disrupt your game plan.


The Runick Archetype is split into 4 types of cards: Quick-Play Spells, Fusion Monsters, a Continuous Spell, and a Field Spell.

Quick-Play Spells

Each of the Runick Quick-Play Spells all have two effects. The first is their unique effect, the other is to Special Summon a "Runick" monster from your Extra Deck to your Extra Monster Zone. Each card is a hard once per turn, so you can only pick one effect or the other. Activating any of these cards will skip your next Battle Phase, so if you plan on attacking, play wisely.