Introduction to Resonators (Post support edition)

Heyas! My name is

and I co-wrote the old Resonator guide back then with , but a lot of the information in the older guide is now outdated so I am now giving you guys an updated version with our new support cards.

Hopefully at the end of this guide you will have a general understanding of how to play with this deck and have a ton of fun with it while doing so.

What kind of deck are Resonators?

Resonators are a combo heavy going first deck that centres around using Fiend Tuner monsters, along with synergistic non-Tuner support to Synchro Summon into high ATK Dark Dragon Synchro Monsters. Yes I have copied word for word from the previous guide, because this portion has not really changed much. We are also still locked into Dark Dragon Synchros for 95% of the time, so our Extra Deck options are still relatively the same.

What has changed is how compact our engine is now and how much more recursion and consequently grind game we have thanks to the new support. With a smaller core engine we can afford significantly more handtraps/non-engine cards while still being capable of comboing off very consistently thanks to our absurd number of searchers for our starter.

On average the pure version of the deck has something like an 85% chance to open a way into the 1 card combo, pushing upwards of 90% if you count additional ways to access the 1 card combo by giving up an extra backrow interaction.

If you enjoy summoning out big dragons every turn and just decimating the opponent's board whilst being able to play the long game and have a decent shot at winning even if going 2nd, you should consider giving this deck a try.

The "Red Dragon Archfiend" name ruling conundrum

Might as well get this out of the way immediately before people start asking questions about why their cards are not working correctly:

With the wave of new support, we received several cards (eg Loading... ) whose effects have a condition that requires you to control "Red Dragon Archfiend" or a Synchro monster that mentions it.

What this means is that the condition is only fulfilled when a card that explicitly mentions "Red Dragon Archfiend" is on your field.

Cards whose effect turns their name into "Red Dragon Archfiend" (like Loading... ) or mentions "Red Dragon Archfiend" as a synchro material (like Loading... ) will meet the criteria for this condition.

Loading... and Loading... do NOT meet the criteria because their names are not explicitly "Red Dragon Archfiend", and in the case of Bane, it mentions "Red Dragon Archfiend" monster instead of "Red Dragon Archfiend" by itself.