So you're looking to play Resonators?

Hi, I’m

, I’m a helper on the MDM discord for Resonators and Tech Genus, and overall a big fan of Synchro archetypes. As a long time Resonator player who is very passionate about the deck, I wanted to provide a guide to help others to learn the deck and prevent any misinformation about how to build and play this deck, so that people can get the most fun out of Resonators as a whole.

Resonators, and how they work…

Resonators are a combo heavy going first deck that centres around using Fiend Tuner monsters, along with synergistic non-Tuner support to Synchro Summon into high ATK DARK Dragon Synchro Monsters. Using two main boss monsters, Loading... and Loading... to overwhelm the opponent with a powerful end board, this deck is excellent at closing out games quickly. Resonators also inherently gain LP with Loading... , providing a surprisingly good matchup against going-second otk decks.

As far as non-meta Synchro decks go, Resonators are surprisingly capable at making plays without committing to the Normal Summon of the turn, meaning that with the correct extenders, hand traps will find it tough to interrupt the combos. Resonators is unique in that it often finds itself locked to solely DARK Dragon Synchro Monsters. This may provide the impression that the deck is rather one note, but fortunately, that’s certainly not the case. Whilst the end boards don’t deviate heavily, the various engines and packages the deck is able to utilise allow players to experiment and adjust their deck to their preferences. Despite this, the deck has some glaring weaknesses, namely a reliance on finding Loading... to make powerful plays. However, that's not to say there are no measures to address this. In addition, this deck struggles heavily going second.

Core Cards

These are the cards that are for the most part necessary to any build of the deck, making up the bulk of the main combos you’ll use. Bear in mind, core and archetypal are not necessarily the same, some cards from separate archetypes are considered core because of how invaluable they are to the deck’s combos.


Crimson Resonator

Crimson Resonator
  • The heart and soul of the deck. Your starter that can conveniently Special Summon itself, and the main way that you tend to get multiple other Resonators out from the deck in order to facilitate your Synchro Summons. Resultantly, this is by far the primary route to our boss monster, Loading... .

  • Activate his effect when your only other monster is a DARK Dragon Synchro in order to extend your plays.

  • Do remember that using either of his effects locks you to DARK Dragon Synchro Monsters for that turn.

Red Resonator

Red Resonator
  • Your other starter in the deck in the event that you did not draw into Loading... .

  • Brings a buddy along when he's Normal Summoned from hand to kick your Synchro Summons off - ideally Loading... as she cannot Special Summon itself.

  • In addition to Synchro plays, he provides easy access to Loading... in the even of a soft brick.

  • Has a nifty bonus of healing your LP when Special Summoned on chain link 1, typically with the effect of Loading... or Loading... .

Synkron Resonator

Synkron Resonator