Prank-Kids is an archetype found in Prank Panic focused around Link and Fusion Summoning, and is comprised of several different types and attributes. All of the main deck Prank-Kids Monsters have the effect to Summon another Prank-Kids Monster from the hand or deck when used as Link or Fusion material for a Prank-Kids Monster, allowing them several 1-to-2 card combo lines that can use any of the Monsters are a starter. With one exception the archetypal Extra Deck Monsters are separated into two categories; two with 3000 ATK and quick effect destruction, and four with 2000 ATK that have effects relating to battle and recurring your Prank-Kids cards.

The high power of this deck is owed to Loading... , a Link-1 that makes our 3000 ATK bosses that much stronger and is the enabler of all of our 1 card combos.

Core Cards

Main Deck

Prank-Kids Dropsies, Fansies, Lampsies, Rocksies x 3

Prank-Kids Dropsies
Prank-Kids Fansies
Prank-Kids Lampsies
Prank-Kids Rocksies

These Monsters are played at 3 almost without question. All of them accomplish our basic combos and bring other effects to the table, such as gaining LP, cycling a card from the hand, inflicting damage to the opponent, or sending a Prank-Kids card to the GY. Keep in mind you must fulfil the former effect before Summoning a new Prank-Kids Monster from your hand or deck! This means you must have a card in hand for Rocksies to banish if you use it during your combo. If you find yourself opening too many Monsters feel free to drop Rocksies down to 1 or 2, as it is not essential for our game plan.

Prank-Kids Place x3

Prank-Kids Place

Place boosts our consistency by functioning as 3 extra copies of a Prank-Kids Monster. While the ATK modification for both our and the opponent's Monsters is a useful effect, the true power of this card allows us to structure chain links in a way that makes it impossible to negate our Prank-Kid Monster effects. By selecting Place as the final chain link, the opponent cannot respond to our searching and Summon effects with cards like Loading... . Keep in mind the opponent must control a Monster for this to be usable.

Prank-Kids Pandemonium x2-3

Prank-Kids Pandemonium

Pandemonium is our Fusion Spell, searchable during our combo lines and most importantly a quick-play allowing us to Summon our most powerful boss Monster on the opponent's turn. 2 copies is the absolute minimum but 3 copies can't go wrong.

Prank-Kids Pranks x1-2

Prank-Kids Pranks