Ladies and Gentlemen! Today I will be teaching u how to DUEL Tai... I mean how to play pendulum magician in the current state of MD and forward with your host

. Also real quick before we get started I may not have that much pendulum Magician decklist in the website but I will have way more in the future.


Pendulum Magician was first shown in the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V anime when Yuya Sakaki set the pendulum scales of scale 1 Loading... and scale 8 Loading... . Later on, the deck has been getting alot of good support cards such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and more. The amount of strong support cards this deck got made this deck a really powerful deck, causing Loading... to still be on the banlist to this day.

What are Pendulum Magician?

Pendulum Magician are mainly a series of Dark-Spellcaster-Type Pendulum monsters. Not all of them are a Dark-Spellcaster but majority are. The main goal of this deck is to try getting as much card advantage as possible so you can either swarm the field to make a powerful turn 1 or swarm the field and potentially OTK your opponent.

Analyze Your Hand

Something which is very important to understand the deck is to analyze your hand, see what can you use as bait for a handtrap, see how you can play around a handtrap, see how you can play through a handtrap, and see what type of board you make with the hand you got.

Core Cards

Wisdom-Eye Magician

Wisdom-Eye Magician
This is probably if not the best card to have in your pendulum scale. Some may call it the perfect scale since it can be treated as both high scale and low scale all by simply destroying this card on the pendulum scale with it's effect. We play this card at 3 because it can give you access to the high and low scales you need for your combos such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading...

Double Iris Magician

Double Iris Magician

Double iris Magician allows us to consistently gain access to Loading... and Loading... , 2 really powerful cards of the deck. This card is not once per turn so typically your goal is to try destroying it at least twice to get the 2 Pendulumgraph cards in your deck. This card's pendulum effect can also helps with gaining access to the search. We play this at 3 because u want to see this card in your opening hand to search out the pendulumgraph cards.