Numeron is a going second XYZ-based deck that... doesn't do any XYZ summoning. Instead, Numeron summons their XYZ monsters by using their field spell, Numeron Network, to summon the Numeron Gates and OTK your opponent.

The great thing about Numeron is that since the game plan is quite linear, it is an easy deck to pick up and play, and since it has such a unique playstyle, it's great anti-meta choice, especially in a best of one. There are also a few variants of Numeron, but pure Numeron is the most common.

Below will be the core and common cards of pure Numeron.

Numeron Core Cards:

Numeron Network x3
3 copies
Numeron Network

This card is the centerpiece your entire strategy, and how you summon your XYZ monsters. It's not an understatement to say that you will lose without this card in your hand, so we absolutely want to run 3 copies of this.

Numeron Calling x2-3
2 copies
Numeron Calling

This card enables Loading... to summon up to 4 Numeron Gates from your Extra Deck. And thanks to Numeron Network, you can send this card to the GY as cost to have Numeron Network copy its effect. Unfortunately, the only downside to this card is that after the card resolves, you can only summon 1 more time. Usually in that case, you would go into one of your big Extra Deck monsters.

Run 2 if you want to remove a semi-brick in your deck, add more space into the Extra Deck, and put emphasis on OTK your opponent on turn two, or run 3 if you want to have better grind game, more Extra Deck resources, and a backup activation when your first Numeron Network goes down.

Numeron Wall x3
3 copies
Numeron Wall

This searcher is one of your strongest ways to get Loading... into your hand: as a quick effect, when you control no cards on the field, you can pitch this card to directly place a Numeron Network into your field zone, which dodges Ash Blossom. Additionally, it acts similar to cards like Battle Fader: when you take battle damage, you can special summon this card from your hand, then end the Battle Phase. It's super helpful when you need to survive for a turn.