The Nouvelles are an archetype of Ritual Monsters based on French cuisine, as well as demons commanded by Solomon in the Ars Goetia. Chefs at the prestigious restaurant "At Table" use magical recipes that not only produce the finest dishes, but also conjure dark spirits — seen manifesting in the rising steam.

Each Nouvelles Ritual Monster has a Quick Effect to tribute an opponent's Attack Position monster and then Special Summon a higher-level Nouvelles Ritual Monster directly from the deck. By starting with the low-level Nouvelles and climbing your way up, you can clear out the opponent's monsters during either player's turn. The lower-level Nouvelles have more specific conditions, while the higher-level ones can activate their effects any time you want.

But what happens once you've reached the highest-level Nouvelles monster? Well then it's time to summon a classic midnight snack! Not only does Loading... hilariously summon Loading... from the deck, but this also triggers the GY effect of Loading... to tribute all your opponent's monsters.

Is that two board wipes during the opponent's turn? Why yes it is.


Archetypal Cards

Loading... only adds a Nouvelles card to your hand, Loading... only adds a Recipe card, and Loading... can add either. This makes it important to distinguish which Spells/Traps are Nouvelles cards, which are Recipe cards, and which are neither.


Nouvelles Cards

Poissonniere de Nouvelles

Poissonniere's monster effect typically searches Loading... or Loading... . If you already have both, then Loading... is another option.

Her other bulleted effect pseudo-Ritual Summons a Nouvelle monster from your hand by banishing Recipe cards from the GY instead of tributing monsters. This effect rarely sees play, since the deck prefers to recycle Recipe cards instead.

Not only does tributing Poissonniere put her in the Pendulum Zone, but her Pendulum Effect lets you immediately target a Nouvelles Ritual Monster to trigger its effect. This is typically how you'll get from Buerillabaisse to Loading... on turn 1. Her Pendulum Effect also lets you reserve your Normal Summon for Loading... .


Buerillabaisse de Nouvelles
Confiras de Nouvelles

The Level 1 and 2 Ritual Monsters trigger if they themselves are targeted for an attack or card effect.