Naturia is a lockdown-control style deck of mixed-type earth monsters based on things found in nature, such as insects, plants, beasts and rocks. These monsters Specialize in negating the activation/Summon of your opponents cards with cards such as Loading... and Loading... , effectively preventing your opponent from setting up anything on board, allowing you to maintain control, and reducing your opponents to a simplified board state.

In this guide, I will go in depth on what your cards can do, what they can lead into and most importantly, the limitations of these cards, and how to play around them and with them.

Core Cards: Naturias

The following are the primary cards used in the Naturia engine. These will allow you to set up your Naturia boss monsters and lockdown the board going first.

Naturia Camellia
Naturia Camellia

Loading... is one of your best normal Summons, this card effectively leads to full combo and you can extend in certain directions depending on what is in your hand.

On Summon, this card can send a "Naturia" card from your deck to the GY.

  • Your primary target for this will be Loading... , as when it is sent to the GY, can add you any "Naturia" card to your hand.

While this card is on the field, you can choose to pay cost of the top 2 cards of your deck to the GY instead once per turn.

  • Your main deck Naturias' general cost for their negates are in the form of a tribute of themselves and another monster. However this card allows you to circumvent this, effectively allowing you to negate at no cost once.

  • Additionally, if your opponent Summons a monster while this is on the field, you can Special Summon a "Naturia" monster from your GY, this includes your Extra Deck monsters in GY.

Note: this is not a targeted effect, so if your opponent tries to use Loading... or a card that would move cards from your GY to another location, they will have to blind snipe your desired card. Using cards such as Loading... or Loading... to shuffle Naturias into the deck can blank your opponents Loading... .

Loading... is one of the best cards in the deck, as it nets you any other "Naturia" card in your deck making it a great one-card starter. If you have Loading... in hand, grab Loading... and vice versa.

Naturia Mole Cricket
Naturia Mole Cricket

During the main phase, (Quick Effect): Tribute this card, to Special any "Naturia" monster from deck OR if your opponent has the highest ATK monster or if tied, you can Special 2 "Naturia" monsters.

  • This card is absolutely amazing. Going first, if your opponent has an interruption that would Summon a monster, you can go full combo and beyond. However this card does die to Loading... . If you are put in a situation where it does not resolve you can still bring it back with the next effect for next turn.

If you Special Summon a "Naturia" Extra Deck monster or if your opponent Special Summons from their Extra Deck, you can Summon this monster from the GY.

  • This works on the resolution of a Synchro Summon of a Naturia Extra Deck monster, so you can recur resources easily.

Normally, you would be using your normal Summon on Loading... , so you can bring this out using Loading... to start building your board further.

Use this card in conjunction with Loading... as you can pay the top 2 cards of your deck for cost instead of tributing this monster, that way you can retain your resources for Synchro Summons. On your opponents turn, you can use this to grab a monster that would be disruptive for your opponent, such as Loading... , Loading... or Loading... .

Naturia Blessing
Naturia Blessing

This card has 3 effects, and none of them are once per turn

  1. Special Summon 1 "Naturia" monster from hand or GY
  • This is not a targeted effect and works on the Extra Deck Naturias. If you choose this, your opponent has to guess what you are going to Summon. If they try to banish a "Naturia" monster from your GY, they have to try to blind snipe your target.
  1. After this resolves, Synchro Summon using monsters you control including 1 "Naturia" monster.
  • This does not lock you into Naturias, but you need to use at least 1 Naturia, so be mindful of what your Synchro targets are and what you need in your given situation. Additionally, it allows you to play around annoying floodgates such as Loading... or Loading... on your opponents turn.
  1. Fusion Summon using monsters you control, including a "Naturia" monster.


  • Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... NEED TO BE FACE UP ON THE FIELD in order to resolve their effects. If you are put in a long chain where your Naturia monsters are negating your opponents effects, and choose to fusion using them during the chain link to dodge destruction or a targeted negate, THEY WILL NOT RESOLVE THEIR NEGATES. This effect does not lock you into Naturias, so you can use it as a generic fusion using field monsters, including face down monsters. You can use this if your monster gets hit with Loading... or Loading... to prepare more negates.
Naturia Sacred Tree
Naturia Sacred Tree

This card is the deck's garnet and is your best target to send to GY by effect of Loading... .

While this card is face up, you can tribute an EARTH PLANT to Special Summon a level 4 or lower EARTH INSECT from deck OR You can tribute an EARTH INSECT to Special Summon a level 4 or lower EARTH PLANT

  • Just remember: PLANT -> INSECT or INSECT -> PLANT

If this card is sent to the GY, you can add 1 "Naturia" card to your hand.

  • This effect is not once per turn, nor once per chain, so if you send all 3, you can add 3 Naturia cards to your hand.

Core Cards: Vernusylphs

Vernusylphs all have the same archetypal effect with the exception of their boss monster Loading... .

They can discard themselves, and another monster from hand, or another Vernusylph card in order to resolve their effect, typically adding a card to hand, meaning they all can be hit by Loading...

Then on resolution, you can Special Summon 1 EARTH MONSTER from the GY, but you are LOCKED INTO EARTH MONSTER EFFECTS for the rest of the turn.

This effect is on resolution, meaning that your opponent must blind snipe your target before the effect resolves.

Again, this does not restrict you from Summoning Extra Deck monsters, so these cards help your monsters get on the board, and stick to the board.

Vernusylph of the Thawing Mountains
Vernusylph of the Thawing Mountains

You can pitch this card, and another monster or name to draw 1, then Special Summon an EARTH monster from GY.

  • A very meager effect. Drawing 1 is not as good as adding a targeted card to hand, which is what the other Vernusylphs can do, but can be good in a pinch.

While on field, you can target a Vernusylph monster you control; It can attack twice per battle phase this turn.

  • This deck does not make monsters with high ATK often, as they will average around 2000 to 2500 ATK.You can use this card in conjunction with Loading... to give your highest ATK monster a second attack to push for game.
Vernusylph of the Flourishing Hills
Vernusylph of the Flourishing Hills

You can pitch this card, and another monster or name to add any "Vernusylph" card to hand, then Special Summon an EARTH monster from GY.

  • You can add another Vernusylph monster, Spell or Trap with this card, so you can treat it as an extender if you don't have enough Vernusylphs in hand to Summon more monsters from hand or GY. Some good targets for this are, Loading... , Loading... or Loading... depending on the situation. These will be explained further in the guide.

While on field, your Verunsylph monsters cannot be destroyed by effects.

  • Most card destruction comes in the form of Spells/Traps, which can be negated by Loading... or Loading... . However, in the event you are playing against a deck that uses mostly monster effects, this card can be helpful to protect your monsters under the effect of Loading... .