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Hello, I'm

, I've been playing the TCG for 3 years now. I picked up Myutant when they were released in the TCG and it is one of my go-to deck since then thanks to its enjoyable playstyle.

Hello, I'm

, I haven’t played competitive Yu-Gi-Oh ever before, but I have made the Myutant, Dual Avatar, and Ninja decks both on Master Duel and the TCG. I fell in love with the Myutant strategy because it is one of the strongest and underrated decks in my opinion.

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for writing the section about Thunder Dragon Myutant and helping with the guide as well.


Myutant is an archetype featuring highly mutating Psychic monsters that will evolve throughout the duel in order to create the scariest monster that will crush your opponent.

Your starter will mutate into the Level 8 Myutant monster that will interact and disrupt your opponent while slowly preparing for their final evolution into Loading... and Loading... .

If you want to build this deck, you will want to open the Secret Pack Life Finds a Way, to unlock it you can craft any UR or SR of the Myutant archetype, However it is recommended getting either Loading... (SR) or Loading... (UR).

This is a control deck, so managing your resources correctly is the key to victory. You want to always have more cards than your opponent while you're reducing their resources and options. Knowing when to use your disruptions is your greatest asset. The deck is not hard to use because you can also utilize powerful floodgates that will not affect you to help you out and most effects are easy to understand.

The deck is very cheap too and the core of the deck is fairly small. There isn’t just one correct way to play the deck, and you can use engines with Myutant to help you out and spice up your deck.

Deck Difficulty: Medium

Myutant Monsters

The main monsters can be split into two categories, the "Test Subjects" or your starters. And their first mutation, Loading... , Loading... or Loading... depending on which type of card was used with the Test Subjects to summon them. Finally, the Level 8 Myutant will later mutate into their final form to summon from the Extra Deck Loading... and Loading... .

Test Subjects / Starter

Myutant M-05

Myutant M-05

Myutant ST-46

Myutant ST-46

Your best openers that enable most of your plays, it is highly recommended playing both of them at 3. Loading... is your monster searcher and Loading... searches for your Myutant Spell/Trap.

Loading... can get you either Loading... or Loading... for a follow up play or any of the Level 8 Myutant for a Fusion Summon or to fuel for its second effect.

Loading... will be used to search either Loading... in order to Fusion Summon during the opponent's turn or Loading... for a follow up and protection. You can also search Loading... to shuffle a Level 8 Myutant in your hand back into the deck for a new card and it can summon Loading... from your hand or your banished cards to activate him. Finally, if your opponent used an effect, Loading... can help you get Loading... to help you extend your plays.