Welcome to Mikanko

Hi, my name is

I'm here to tell you about one of Master Duel's newest archetypes, the fruity cuties, Mikanko! A ton of work has gone into this guide and I hope you enjoy the fruits of multiple people's labor (last fruit reference I promise).

Whats a Mikanko?

Mikanko is an Equip, battle-focused archtype with a Ritual Boss.

With all main deck monsters having 0 Attack and Defense, it leads people to wondering what exactly this strange mix of cute girls and non existent stats are used for.

The three main deck effect monsters all share this effect:

“If this card is not equipped with an Equip Card, you take no damage from battles involving this card. If this card is equipped with an Equip Card, it cannot be destroyed by battle and your opponent takes any battle damage you would have taken from battles involving this card.”

All but one of the Mikanko equip spells protect the equipped monster from being destroyed by card effects.

If you want to play this deck how it is intended to be played, it's not as simple as memorizing repeatable combo lines. Going second is much more in line with our game plan than going first, however this deck does have some teeth going first and shouldn't be dismissed. There are little interactions that aren't immediately obvious from just reading the cards. Knowledge both of your own cards, and within each matchup is essential for this deck.

Analyzing the board state and using our unique tools is one of the keys to success. Mitigating risk and surviving to turn 3 is how we go first.

If you're looking for a simple deck with repeatable combo lines that end on strong going first boards, playing the deck pure is not going to be for you, but if you want a deck that excels at board breaking and dealing with opponent's interactions, please read on.

Mikankos In Master Duel

Before we begin I want to clear some things up about Mikanko in Master Duel for people who are familiar with the deck in paper. If you aren't familiar with Mikanko already, feel free to skip this section.

For those of you still here, it's important to understand that TCG Mikanko is not Master Duel Mikanko. IRL the girls struggle with:

  • Sweepers
  • Targeted Backrow Removal
  • Generic Format Staples (Books/ASF)
  • Siding

These things are far less prevalent in Master Duel and as such, the girls are in a fantastic position. We can focus solely on the strong points of the deck either as a pure OTK strategy or even in Combo focused variants.