Mathmech is an archetype that focuses on swarming the field with Level 4 Cyberse Monsters in order to Summon Synchro, Xyz, and/or Link Monsters. Uniquely, many Mathmech cards can temporarily manipulate Monster ATKs. Although known for its going second potential to OTK with Loading... , this deck is flexible and prefers to go first most of the time. Going first, this deck aims to set up a board with decent interruptions and perform an OTK on the following turn.

Core Cards

Main Deck

Mathmech Diameter x3
3 copies
Mathmech Diameter

When Normal Summoned, this card allows you to Special Summon a Level 4 Cyberse Monster in your GY. In addition, a Mathmech Monster that was Synchro or Xyz Summoned using Loading... as a material gains an omni-negate during the turn it was Summoned. This card is also a Tuner.

Mathmech Nabla x1-2
2 copies
Mathmech Nabla

This card allows you to tribute 1 Cyberse Monster in order to Special Summon 1 Mathmech Monster from your Deck. Furthermore, during the turn Loading... was sent to the GY, your Cyberse Monster in the Extra Monster Zone can make up to 2 attacks on Monsters. This card is also a Tuner. Run 2 Loading... if you are running Loading... .

Mathmech Sigma x3
3 copies
Mathmech Sigma

This card is an extender that can Special Summon itself from your hand or GY if you control no Monsters in the Extra Monster Zone. However, it locks you into Cyberse Extra Deck Monsters for the rest of the turn, and it is banished when it leaves the field. Note that if this card is used as an Xyz material, it is not banished when detached. Finally, this card can be treated as either a Tuner or non-Tuner when used as a Synchro material for a Mathmech Monster.

Mathmech Addition/Subtraction x3
3 copies
Mathmech Addition
3 copies
Mathmech Subtraction

These cards are extenders that can Special Summon themselves from your hand by targeting a face-up Monster on the field, increasing/decreasing the targeted Monster's ATK by 1000 for one turn. Like Loading... , they lock you into Cyberse Extra Deck Monsters for the rest of the turn. These cards are non-Tuners.

Mathmech Multiplication x1