Introduction to Magistus!

Endymion wants to seal all magic and keep it to himself and his followers, Aleister went mad due to his desires of wanting to refine Invocation Magic, and Verre aims to perfect her Witchcraft and make Ninaruru a perfect body to call her own. Have you ever dwelled on what the origins of the 3 adamant spellcaster strategies in the game are, and why they seem to be at war with one another? Well, maybe if I introduce you to the Magistus Archetype you'd get to know them a little more better.

The Magistus is an archetype filled with monsters that aim to use their Godly Creations to their own prosperity. The archetype itself is composed of 4 main deck monsters, that of which are the Younger versions of popular spellcaster decks. The deck utilizes their Extra Deck monsters as Equip Spells which will usually generate some value for the player. This also makes the deck unique, as it is one of the decks in the game that can use each Extra Deck Supertype, although you would mainly only be Xyz and Synchro Summoning with the deck. The main goal of the deck would be the same as other Midrange decks in the game, make a decent board going first in order to control the opponent's moves to eventually win the game. With Loading... 's release, the deck now has a good win condition to build up for, with him being able to lock your opponent from ever using the effects of their extra deck monsters on field.


The Magistus Family

The Gods, the Magistus' Creations.

With how the archetype plays out, it would be easier if I explained each Extra Deck Monster first.

Each Extra Deck monster has 2 seperate effects, one that activates when they're treated as Monsters in the Monster Zones, and one that activates when they're treated as Equip Spells.

Artemis, the Moon Maiden. The Link.
Artemis, the Magistus Moon Maiden

Endymion's Goddess, the creation of Endymion, and the first form of Loading... , soon to be Loading... .

Artemis' monster effect allows you to equip her to a Magistus Monster on their summon. Which will then enable you to use her equip effect. This effect comes up surprisingly pretty often in the deck, with some combo lines requiring you to link into Artemis and then summoning a Magistus.

Her equip effect allows you search a Magistus Monster from your deck and add it to your hand. Giving the deck more easy access to their plays by usually searching out Crowley.

Be honest with me, this is the first time you're seeing Artemis' effects, right? No, she's not just a vanilla you use to dump Schmietta to the grave or a way to give Aleister access to Mechaba.

Aiwass, the Spell Spirit. The Fusion.
Aiwass, the Magistus Spell Spirit

Loading... 's Sentient Staff. This is what gave the Magistus power.

Aiwass can be fused by using a Magistus monster and any other Spellcaster-type Monster. The archetypal fusion spell, Loading... would be the main way to summon Aiwass.

Aiwass' monster effect allows you to equip it to ANY monster on the field, on a Quick Effect. This includes your opponent's monster. Now why would you want to equip it to an opponent's monster? Well...

Aiwass' equip effect gives the equipped monster 1000 ATK and DEF. But if the equipped monster is an opponent's monster, you get to steal their monster, but it will prevent their effects from activating. Aiwass essentially acts as a Quick-Effect Loading... .

Note that it only prevents activating effects, lingering or continuous effects such as Loading... or Loading... 's effect to banish will still work.

Ninaruru, the Glass Goddess. The Xyz #1.
Ninaruru, the Magistus Glass Goddess

Rilliona's Goddess, Rilliona's Creation, and the first form of Loading... .

Ninaruru can be made by overlaying 2 Level 4 Spellcasters on top of one another.

Her monster effect will allow you to detach a material from her in order to add any Level 4 or Higher Spellcaster Monster from your graveyard back to the hand. You will never use this effect :)

Ninaruru's equip effect will allow you to destroy any Face-up Magistus card in the Spell/Trap zone in order to destroy any Spell/Trap your opponent has. A really efficient source of backrow removal, and will be our main way of dealing with threats such as Loading... or Loading... . Will also give the equipped monster an extra attack on monsters each battle phase.

Rilliona, the Wondrous Witch Wardrobe. Xyz #2
Rilliona, the Wondrous Magistus Witch Wardrobe

Loading... 's true form.

Witch Wardrobe can be made by overlaying 2 Level 4 Spellcasters with different attributes.

Her monster effect allows you to detach a material, in order to special summon any Magistus Monster from the deck. HOWEVER, you are locked into Magistus monsters in the extra deck for the rest of the turn.

Her equip effect allows you to target and negate the effects of a monster your opponent controls. Good for punishing your opponents for not negating you sooner.

Before Calamity, you used to never summon Witch Wardrobe at all. Since her Xenolock hurts the deck too much. But now, she's essential in some combos in order to get a full lockout from Calamity.

Vahram, the Divinity Dragon. The Synchro.
Vahram, the Magistus Divinity Dragon

Zoroa's God, Zoroa's Creation, and sadly, the cause of his death.

Vahram's monster effect is the most useless of them all. Only activating when it's destroyed after getting Synchro Summoned properly, in which case, Vahram will destroy all Face-Up cards your opponent controls. Granted, destroying every cards your opponent controls is a good effect, but having to use your resources on actually Synchro Summoning Vahram is usually just a waste.

Vahram's equip effect effect is a decent one. Vahram gives two different effects, the first gives the equipped monster protection from getting destroyed by a spell/trap card once per turn. Which gives you safety against cards like Loading... and Loading... . The second will make it so the equipped monster will destroy any monster it battles at the start of the Damage Step.

Note that both effects is once per turn. Ninaruru + Vahram equipped will not result in destroying 2 monsters.

Zoroa, the Conflagrant Calamity. The Pay-off.
Zoroa, the Magistus Conflagrant Calamity

The Fusion between Vahram and Zoroa.

The deck FINALLY has its own Win-Condition. Note that you can only Synchro Summon Calamity using a Spellcaster Tuner.

On his Synchro Summon, Calamity will equip a Magistus Monster from the Extra Deck to himself. And unlike the other Extra Deck Monsters, Calamity has no Equip Effect.

As long as Calamity is on the field, your opponent cannot activate the effects of Extra Deck Monsters that have the same supertype as the Magistus Monsters in your Spell/Trap Zone. Equipping the proper supertype to Zoroa against your match-up will sometimes be game winning enough on its own. Such as equipping Artemis against Tri-Brigade or Evil Twins, or equipping Vahram against Swordsouls and Synchrons, as they cannot activate their monster effects, the likelihood of you winning would be likely.

HOWEVER, just know that Calamity has 0 protection effects. Not including Vahram's equip effect since it's pretty bad. This makes him incredibly fragile against everything, whether it be Loading... , Loading... or hilariously, Loading... .

Calamity also has a way to recur himself back from the graveyard by destroying a Magistus card that you control. Although you'd have to use other cards in order to have him equipped again.

The Masters

Both Zoroa and Endymion share the same effect of equipping a Magistus monster you control with a Magistus Extra Deck monster. This effectively makes the starters of the deck.

Zoroa of the Flames
Zoroa, the Magistus of Flame

No one knows who he's supposed to be. But he bears extremely close resemblance to Loading... .

The Tuner of the deck. When equipped with a Magistus Monster, Zoroa will special summon ANY Level 4 Spellcaster from the hand or the graveyard. Since Zoroa can equip to himself, he's used as a starter for the deck and also as a starter for other Spellcaster decks as well, such as Exosisters and Charmers. Him being a Tuner is perfect as well, as Zoroa will be the main way we will get access to our Synchro plays, or you know, Loading... .

Note that due to the wording, once Zoroa meets the trigger, his special summon effect will immediately attempt to activate in the next available chain.

Endymion of Mastery
Endymion, the Magistus of Mastery

The younger version of Loading... , soon to be Loading... , the Dictator and the Founder of the City of Endymion.

Endymion... the water spellcaster? Once per turn, Endymion can destroy any Face-Up spell you control in order to draw a card, and return a card back to the deck. Basically allowing us to cycle through our deck and return any bad draws we could have, such as Loading... .

Endymion being WATER Attribute means that the deck actually has access to Loading... . Since Loading... can also change his attribute to WATER. Endymion is the 1.5 card starter of the deck.

The Acolytes