A Sweet Guide To Madolche

About The Author

Gday duelists, my name is

and I have for you today an expanded guide to Madolche. I have been playing Madolche for a few years now and with the surge in popularity of Yugioh thanks to Master Duel I figured I would share these tasty desserts.

About The Deck

Madolche are a sweet deck focused around recycling, combos, and their special ability to cycle from the grave to the deck (or hand with field spell) on destruction. Madolche are very good at breaking a board with only a single starter card, though it can sometimes struggle against negates so playing handtraps to bait out or nullify your opponent's negates are critical. Going first your opponent needs to boardwipe through multiple layers to prevent you going off turn3 and OTK'ing.

While Madolche is not a tier 1 meta deck, it is a very solid option with a soft Once Per Turn non-targeting return 1-2 to deck and the ability to on your opponents turn shuffle their GY combo pieces back into the deck.

Madolche players either swear by going second or think the deck works equally well first or second. Personally I think the negate of Promenade and GY trick with Teacher Glassouffle makes it better going first. If things go wrong you can always do your Turn2 play on Turn3 with the remnants of your board to help set things up. Its a matter of personal taste in the end.

The Madolche theme is tasty desserts representing a monarchy (the monsters) and an elaborate fantasy kingdom (spells/traps). With a total of about thirty cards, Madolche gets some well-deserved love, and has gotten notable support in a wide variety of sets like Savage Strike, Return of the Duelist, Eternity Code, Primal Origin, Abyss Rising, Flames of Destruction, Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, Crossed Souls, and Dark Neostorm (not including reprints). The latest cards introduced into the archetype include now staples, Loading... and Loading... which is a powerful consistency booster and an omni-negate trap you can search.

Madolche Monsters

Madolche Anjelly (Starter)

3 copies
Madolche Anjelly
This is the Lonefire Blossom for the deck, and being a body in the graveyard for Hootcake, Anjelly is a must-have and is absolutely integral to your combos.

Anjelly is used in two primary ways. The first is to bring out Hootcake to banish her (or another monster like a handtrap) and get a Beast on the field with another summon or Petingcessoeur.

Madolche Hootcake (Starter?)

2 copies
Madolche Hootcake
The only card in the deck that can’t be used for XYZ summons, this owl acts as an extender and a beast type to resolve Messengelato, and can even act as a starter by banishing potential hand traps from the graveyard. A good way to set up for turn3/4 is to use Anjelly to summon Hootcake in defense, it cannot be destroyed and few opponents will know this so you can use Hootcake to banish turn3 and set up your board again.

Madolche Magileine (Starter)

3 copies
Madolche Magileine
This is the Stratos for the archetype, it searches for your starters, is a level 4 body, and you're never really upset to see it. If you have Salon in your opening hand she can chain to herself then to Peting.

Regardless of your combo, having an extra lvl4 helps a lot with extending into the Extra Deck. Sistart, Tiara, and Teacher can all use her as a material.

Madolche Messengelato

2 copies
Madolche Messengelato
Messengelato is probably the sole reason that this deck can combo effectively and is also its Garnet. This adds one Madolche spell or trap to your hand only if a Beast is on the field when it is Special Summoned. That effect is NOT once per turn, if you summon it repeatedly you get multiple spells.

Unfortunately Messengelato misses timing. For this reason set Ticket to the left of Salon and do not summon Messengelato with Chocolate if either Ticket or Salon triggers.

Madolche Petingcessoeur (Starter)

3 copies
Madolche Petingcessoeur
The single best addition to Madolche with the exception of maybe (Maybe!) Salon. Petingcessoeur is a 1-card XYZ starter, provided your grave is empty of monsters. Be careful with playing Hand-Traps if Peting is your only starter going second.

In nearly all circumstances she will bring out her big sister Puddingcess, exceptions are rare but exist.

Madolche Puddingcess

Madolche Puddingcess
And here we have the big sister. If Messengelato is a garnet, then this little princess is a brick. If you draw her you might as well have skipped your Draw Phase since Petingcessoeur can summon from hand or deck equally well. This 5star monster can’t even Normal Summon herself onto the field without tribute summoning. Her ability to destroy a card after battle is alright, if niche.

Madolche Spell/Traps

Chateau (Field)

Madolche Chateau
The Field Spell of the 3 Madolche Spells, this spell has 3 important effects for the deck. First, on activation all Madolche monster in grave return to the deck which can trigger Chocolate, Ticket, or Salon allowing for them to extend the combo, this would be great on a normal spell.

Then it has the effect that any monster (NOT Madolche monster, ANY monster) added from GY to Deck can be sent to the hand instead. If you spin back a handtrap monster (through the effect of Teacher) you can put them back into your hand. Recycle those Ashes and make your opponent cry.