Lunalight is the Deck of Serena from the fusion dimension in Arc-V. The archetype is composed entirely of Beast-Warriors, with all of them being DARK Attribute, except for the two Pendulum Monsters which are instead LIGHT.

Tearlaments is one of the archetypes in the Loading... storyline. Consisting of mostly DARK Aqua monsters but also some WATER monsters, Tearlaments is a Fusion Summoning Deck that is unique in that the DARK Aqua Main Deck monsters are able to initiate a Fusion Summon using Fusion Materials from the hand, field, and GY which are then placed on the bottom of the Deck. The Fusion Summoning effect is activated when they are sent to the GY by card effect. Additionally, multiple Tearlaments cards are capable of sending cards from the Deck to the GY with their effects.

The two Decks have quite a bit of synergy. Lunalight has cards that have effects that activate either while they are in the GY or when they are sent there by card effect, allowing Tearlaments combos to flow into Lunalight plays. Inversely, there are multiple ways for the generic Lunalight opener of Loading... + Loading... to lead to Tearlaments gameplay.

The biggest issue with Lunalight Tearlaments is the 15 card Extra Deck limit. With only 15 cards to work with, only some of the possible packages/tools can be added. For some packages that are main-Deck heavy, the 60 card Main Deck limit also starts becoming an issue.

Core Cards


Check out the Lunalight Guide for more in-depth information on these cards and other variants: Introduction to Lunalight.

Lunalight Tiger
Lunalight Kaleido Chick
Lunalight Yellow Marten
Lunalight Emerald Bird
Luna Light Perfume
Lunalight Serenade Dance

Loading... is the most important Lunalight card as her effect while in the Pendulum Zone Summons a Lunalight from the GY on a soft once per turn, allowing her to be returned to the hand to reuse the effect. This ability to use Loading... multiple times in one turn to Summon many Level 4 monsters is the main goal of the Lunalight engine.

Loading... is the Lunalight Normal Summon, sending a Lunalight from the Deck to the GY as cost, generally Loading... . Additionally if banished (such as by Loading... ), she can prevent the opponent from activating cards or effects during that turn's Battle Phase, preventing cards such as Loading... from resolving.

Loading... is the monster usually sent by Loading... as she is an in-archetype bounce for Loading... . If she is sent to the GY by card effect, she can search any "Lunalight" Spell/Trap, which is just Loading... , due to Loading... not being a "Lunalight" card.

Loading... on Summon can send a "Lunalight" card to the GY as effect, to draw a card. Generally more relevant is her effect when sent to the GY by an effect which allows her to Summon another Lunalight from the GY or banish zone. Due to the amount of cards you want to send to the GY with effects in a turn, her effect is more likely to activate than in other Lunalight variants, making her a more respectable inclusion, especially since the large amounts of milling also increase the chances of having a valid target in the GY.

Loading... is a Spell card which when played Summons a Lunalight monster from the GY. When in the GY, it can banish itself and discard a card for cost to search add a Lunalight monster. Neither of these two effects have a once per turn restriction, but in turn this card is technically not a "Lunalight" card and therefore cannot be searched by Loading... or discarded by Loading... .

Loading... is a Trap with an entirely irrelevant on field effect. When in the GY, this card can banish itself to send a card from your hand to the GY as an effect and then Summons a Lunalight monster from the Deck. Due to sending things as effect, it can be used to activate the effects Tearlaments monsters in your hand. However, since this card cannot search Loading... , it has lower Deck space priority than Loading... .