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. On this Guide, I'll be able to show you the ins and outs of the deck. I’ve never really played Yu-Gi-Oh competitively, but Evil★Twins has been one of the decks that I’ve enjoyed playing ever since starting playing TCG. So I have tons of experience with the deck. And with all the experience I’ve gathered with the deck, I’ll be passing it down to you in order to get a better grasp of the deck. Albeit, the deck is incredibly simple and playing the deck will mainly just be using matchup knowledge to win duels.


  1. Secret Password (Introduction)
  • Gameplan
  • Some trivia
  1. Live☆Twin Channel (Deckbuilding)
  • Core Cards
  • Packages and Extra Deck Options
  • Tech Choices
  1. Evil★Twin Challenge (Deck Samples + Explanations)
  • Pure Builds
  • Deck Engines/Hybrids
  • Simple Combos
  1. Evil★Twin GG EZ (Duel Guide)
  • Choke Points of Various Decks - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • What do I do if…
  1. End of the stream (Conclusion)
  • FAQ
  • End

1. The Secret Password!

Gameplan and Introduction to the Archetype.

The Live☆ and Evil★ Twins is an archetype that aims to control the board and force the game into a grind game. As the later the game goes, the more we would be able to out-value and out-resource the opponent. But given the opportunity, the deck could also go for an OTK play on Turn 3. The deck could very easily amass tons of advantages over the opponent, since opening one of the starters will be able to start the engine that are the Evil★Twins, to generate us all the value we would ever need. Drawing a card with Loading... , and destroying a card with Loading... every turn. Although that may sound underwhelming, the massive consistancy of the deck allows us to run a variety of different tech cards in order to help us force the game into a simplified gamestate.

The Archetype's theme revolves all around the two mysterious "twins", Ki-sikil and Lil-la. Vtubers by day, and Phantom Thieves / Super Agents by night, the duo of misfits take requests from anonymous individuals who visit their Streamer Channel that was designed as camouflage. During the day, they go around entertaining the people with their cutesy avatars and their content. But as the night falls, they execute their plans and satisfy the requests of their clients.