The Live and Evil Twins is an archetype based around Vtubers and Phishing. The archetype achieves this by first getting the viewer (your opponent) introduced to the Live☆Twins themselves. Behind the scenes, the Evil★Twins break into your mainframe with Loading... destroying a card on your field, and Loading... gathering your information by drawing a card. This cycle repeats itself, over and over, until the viewer's life has been ruined. The archetype appears in the same secret pack as Altergeist, Electron Illusion.

The deck thrives on its one-card Link combos. Opening one of the Live☆Twins will get you a card draw while setting up a quick effect to destroy a card on your opponent's turn. Though the deck lacks their Link-4 Loading... to be actually competitive, with their combos they can easily control the board with the help of hand traps and disruption cards while also burning down the opponent's LP with Loading... to help finish them off.

Deck Difficulty: Easy - Medium, Depends on the Variant

Core Cards

Live☆Twin Ki-sikil 2-3x

Live☆Twin Ki-sikil

Live☆Twin Lil-la 3x

Live☆Twin Lil-la

The main combo starters of the deck, they are able to do the same combos, although Lil-la is preffered since she can Summon out Loading... to add her to the graveyard for her effect.

Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost 0-3x

Live☆Twin Ki-sikil Frost

Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat 0-1x

Live☆Twin Lil-la Treat
The extenders of the archetype. We play Frost over Treat due to the her superior GY effect which nets us card advantage. With Frost you are able to go into the later-explained Loading... combo to control both Loading... and Loading... to Link into Loading... during your opponent's turn. If you have either of these Monsters during your second turn, you can Special Summon them to Link off into another Evil★Twin Monster to help activate their effects again.

Evil★Twin Ki-sikil 3x

Evil★Twin Ki-sikil

Evil★Twin Lil-la 2-3x

Evil★Twin Lil-la

The main Link Monsters and the women behind the Live☆Twins. Both of them have effects that activate when they're Summoned while the other is on the field. If you Summon Loading... while you have a Loading... on the field, you are able to draw a card, while if you Summon Lil-la while you have Ki-sikil, you can target and destroy a card on the field. They are also able to revive a Monster of the opposite name ("Ki-sikil" or "Lil-la") as a quick effect if you do not control a Monster with that name. This enables us to use Loading... as a disruption on the opponent's turn. Note that you are locked into Fiend Monsters during the turn you use either of the Link Monsters' revival effects .

Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la 0-2x

Evil★Twins Ki-sikil & Lil-la

The boss Monster of the archetype. One of our only turn 2 plays, we can Summon this Monster off of either of our starters: Normal Summon Loading... , Special Summon Loading... from the Deck, Link into either Loading... or Loading... , Special Summon the opposite name in the GY, Link into the other Evil★Twin, and then Special Summon the first Link Monster from the GY. Loading... is a 4400 ATK Monster with a powerful removal effect, forcing the opponent to dismantle their own board. This is exceptionally useful in some matchups but is not necessary to win, so run them as you like.

Secret Password 3x

Secret Password

Adds one Live☆Twin Spell or Trap from our Deck to the hand, or Loading... if we already control both a "Ki-sikil" and "Lil-la" Monster. A simple consistency card, we play as many copies as we can.

Live☆Twin Sunny's Snitch 3x

Live☆Twin Sunny's Snitch

Another consistency card that adds any of our starters from the Deck to the hand, as well as doing a very small amount of LP gain and damage which could matter in a long Duel. Like Loading... , this is free consistency so we play as many as possible.

Live☆Twin Home 0-3x

Live☆Twin Home

Discard a card to Summon any of our "Ki-sikil" or "Lil-la" Monsters from the Deck, while also locking you into Evil★Twins for the rest of the turn. Play up to 3 of this if you're playing a pure build, but builds that go for the Loading... combo or any of the powerful generic Link-4 Monsters should play 0.