Labrynth is a control deck composed of DARK Fiend monsters. It is based around Normal Traps and making monsters leave the field by their effect to generate advantage. It is easy to pick up the deck and understand how it works but can be very skill expressive. Unlike Stun decks, you have to choose the right time to spring your Traps, too early won't be very effective, too late means certain doom but using them at the right time will be very rewarding.

Labrynth Monsters

Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle

The main monster of the Deck, Labrynth herself. She has 3 effects, all very welcomed:

  1. Makes your Normal Trap activations not chainable by opponent's monster effects: The main use of this continuous effect is to protect your Traps from monster negates.

  2. Trap recycle from the GY: She is able to Set 1 Normal Trap from the GY to your Spell & Trap zone, but you can only activate it if you control a Fiend monster, which if you used this effect you already do being Loading... at the very least.

  3. If a monster left the field by your Normal Trap effect, you can destroy a card from your opponent's field or in their hand (at random): Non-targeting destruction is always good; being able to snipe a card in the hand is good (eSpecially when you snipe their backrow removal like Lightning Storm).

She is going to be usually the first monster you Summon from your Loading... , to protect your more important Loading... from Loading... or Loading... .

Loading... is also your key win condition card for when you managed to tear down the duel into a simplified gamestate. Previously you played 2 copies, but now that the deck has access to Loading... , and that Loading... Summons from the GY you can use 1.

Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Our second boss monster. This card changed how the deck was being built alone, for its strong effects and Towers-like protections.

  1. While you control a Set card, she cannot be targeted or destroyed by your opponent card effects. It basically makes her a Loading... type of monster. It is still vulnerable to being destroyed by battle and can be removed by non-targeting non-destruction effects but those are even more limited.

  2. If a Labrynth card/effect or a Normal Trap card was activated this turn, you can Special Summon her from the hand in Defense Position as a Quick Effect. This can cause some confusion for some people, but as soon as you activate your card effect it is considered "activated", so in that same chain you can activate Loading... to Special Summon itself.


  1. When a Normal Trap is activated, you can Set any other Normal Trap from the Deck with a different name.

This Quick Effect is what warped the way the deck is built, running a mere amount of ~3 Normal Traps only since they are easily searchable. Loading... ability to get resources every turn, being hard to remove while also having good stats (3000 ATK, 2900 DEF) gave the deck a very fast way to close games.

A few things to note:

  • The protection is only from the opponent's card effects, so your cards like Loading... will still destroy Loading... .
  • Being 2900 DEF and forced to Summon in Defense Position by her own effect means it can be beaten over by the very common boss monster ATK value of 3000.
  • The effect to Special Summon itself can be used in the same Chain to an effect that negates the activation of Labrynth cards or effects/Normal Trap card. The activation will only count as negated once the Chain resolves, so at that point you still activated a Labrynth/Normal Trap card.
  • The Summoning effect requirement also takes in account your opponent's activations.
  • To use the Set From Deck effect, you need to Chain it directly to a Normal Trap card activation (only flipping a card on the field is considered Normal Trap Card activation), so it can easily be interrupted by an opponent's Quick Effect.

Arianna the Labrynth Servant

Arianna the Labrynth Servant

One of the servants, the green one; also a very important part of the deck for consistency:

  1. If you Normal or Special Summon her, you can add any Labrynth card except herself.

  2. If a monster left the field by your Normal Trap effect, you can draw 1 card then either Special a Fiend from your hand or Set a Spell/Trap (Note: She can set Artifact monsters with this effect).

Loading... allows you to generate a lot of advantage over turns, by drawing 1 and being able to set a Trap you draw immediately or by searching the missing piece. A thing to keep in mind is that you can only use 1 of her effects per turn, and only once that turn.

Ariane the Labrynth Servant

Ariane the Labrynth Servant

One of the servants, the pink one; not a core card but nonetheless very cute:

  1. You can send a Normal Trap from the hand or field to the GY, to Summon a Level 4 or lower Fiend from the Deck; big cost for a very general Summon.

  2. Just like Loading... , if a monster leaves the field by your Normal Trap effect, you can draw 1 card then either Special a Fiend from your hand or Set a Spell/Trap.

Loading... is what can merge the deck into other Fiend engines, such as the Lady of Laments, or Magical Muskets, or Unchained, or simply Summon Loading... . This effect however comes with a great minus to lose a Normal Trap for cost; there aren't many Traps with GY effect, outside of the used ones Loading... and Loading... . She can dodge Loading... or Loading... if they are chained directly to your effect, since by sending either one you can return it to hand as Chain Link 3. A combo you could do with Loading... is to set Loading... and Summon Loading... with a Welcome Labrynth Trap, then send said Loading... to extend more; the Loading... in the GY allows you to trigger twice your effects, making you draw 4 cards total and deal more damage in Battle Phase. Unlike Loading... , these two effects are not mutually exclusive. This card also allows you to make a Rank 4 or a Link 2 easily thanks to the extra body. These are mentioned in the Extra Deck section later on.

Labrynth Chandraglier

Labrynth Chandraglier

Every castle needs furnitures:

  1. As Quick Effect, you can send it from the hand or field to the GY plus discard another card to set a Labrynth Spell/Trap from the hand or Deck; another way to get to a Welcome Labrynth Trap or the Loading... , but it comes with a cost of losing another card.

  2. If a monster left the field by your Normal Trap effect, you can add this card from your GY to your hand; nice way to recycle it.

One of the two furniture that can search a Welcome Labrynth Trap your most important card, even during opponent turn; just have to make sure you know when to use it to dodge negates or possible destruction effects. The discard effect can also help you get into GY cards you need, for example a second furniture or Loading... , it also synergizes with a couple GY engines for interruptions on the opponent's turn.

Labrynth Stovie Torbie

Labrynth Stovie Torbie
The more adorable one:
  1. Same effect as Loading... .

  2. Same activation conditions as Loading... , but instead of adding it to your hand, you Special Summon it.

This furniture compared to Loading... is more defensive, reaching 2000 DEF means it can be used as tribute for Loading... , which is great because this means you can keep your Loading... to draw more cards. It allows for easier Extra Deck access to monsters like Loading... or Loading... by being an easily accessible body. Being a Level 2 also means it's more relevant for Link monsters such as Loading... or Loading... .

Labrynth Cooclock

Labrynth Cooclock

The smallest monster, but with a combo-like effect:

  1. As a Quick Effect, you can discard it making it so for that turn you can activate a Normal Trap card the turn it was Set, but you need to control a Labrynth monster.

  2. If you send a card from the hand to the GY to activate a Normal Trap or a Labrynth card effect (except by its effect), you can either Special Summon it or add it to the hand.

This card comboes very well with the other furnitures, being able to recycle itself or create another body for free. The first effect allows you to play more like a combo deck, by trying to activate Loading... the first turn (by Summoning it using its own effect after setting with a furniture) or by activating the Trap you set off Loading... for the perfect interaction searched from the deck.

Labrynth Archfiend

Labrynth Archfiend

Another big monster, but not a great one:

  1. Gains ATK based on the amount of Normal Traps with different names in the GY: it can get very big very quickly, helping to close games sooner or get over 3000 ATK unaffected monsters like Loading... .

  2. Your opponent can only attack Loading... (s): a battle protection effect, Loading... and Loading... already have pretty big stats so it's not really needed.

  3. If a Trap is activated you can Summon it from the hand, if it's Special Summoned you can set a Trap that can be activated only when an attack is declared: very good hand effect, the Trap search offers even more battle protection.

While it can be Summoned from the hand so it's not a brick like Loading... , it doesn't have any effects when a monster leaves the field, and the range of Traps it can search are pretty decent (like Loading... or Loading... ) but the opponent can just not attack and they are being dead occupying zones on your field at that point. Play 1 copy, if you want to test how good your opponent's memory is. (Good Trap cards Loading... can search: Loading... , Loading... , Loading... ).

Labrynth Spells

Labrynth Labyrinth

Labrynth Labyrinth

No I did not just say the same word twice:

  1. If you activate a non-Labrynth Normal Trap you can Special Summon a Fiend from your hand or GY: this effect is a Trigger so it will activate in the next Chain after you activated a Normal Trap.

  2. When your "Welcome Labrynth" Normal Trap card resolves, you can make so it also destroys 1 card on the field: this effect doesn't activate and doesn't target, and it's simply added on resolution of any "Welcome Labrynth" Normal Traps activation, making it count as a Normal Trap effect being able to trigger all your effects.

Unlike the general Field Spell design, this isn't a starter but a very good grind game card. It allows the monster you Summon off a Welcome Labrynth Trap such as Loading... to trigger immediately in the next Chain, it's also an in-archetype way to destroy Spell/Traps. The first effect is a great way to recycle your Labrynth big monsters, or can be combined with some other Loading... like effects we'll later see to resurrect any big Fiend with floodgate effects. In faster metas where it could be too slow to rely on this card, you could consider cutting it.

Labrynth Set-Up

Labrynth Set-Up

Probably the card with the best art in my opinion:

  1. Return 2 Labrynth Spell/Traps that are banished or in your GY into your Deck, then if you control a Fiend monster you can set 2 non-Labrynth Normal Traps with different names from your Deck.

This card got a bit better as Loading... is a very good card that banishes itself, and recycling it is good. The sets this card can give can be game-winning, however, it is very likely that you were already in a winning position after going through 2 or 3 copies, with this card only being good to recover from Runick banishing 1 or 2 of your Loading... or Tearlaments milling your Welcomes. Note that since Kashtira banishes face down, it doesn't allow you to recover those banished cards. One easy way to enable this card is the use of Loading... . Since the card can banish and set a Welcome Trap, you can enable it Loading... with one card.

It is settable by furnitures from the Deck, so you can have easy access to it; but the scenario where you need to recycle your cards won't really come up and you can't really afford the brick the card is.

Labrynth Traps

Welcome Labrynth

Welcome Labrynth
One of the main Trap of the Deck, with a very awesome art:
  1. Special Summon a Labrynth monster from the Deck, also you can only Summon Fiends from the Main and Extra Deck.

  2. Except the turn it was sent to the GY, if a monster leaves the field by your Normal Trap effect, you can Set this card.

The classic “Welcome Labrynth”, it Summons from the Deck only so it can be Loading... ; even if in a vacuum it’s weaker than Loading... as alone it doesn't do much, it synergizes well with it, and it can win you alone the grind game, something that Loading... doesn't do on its own.

Big Welcome Labrynth

Big Welcome Labrynth
The New Toy:
  1. Special Summon a Labrynth monster from the hand, Deck or GY, then return a monster you control to the hand; you can activate the card even if you don’t control any monsters, so correct others if they say otherwise as it’s a common misconception.

  2. You can banish this card from your GY and target 1 Fiend monster you control, or if you control a Level 8 or higher Fiend you can target an opponent's card instead, return it to the hand.

As the first effect includes the possibility to Summon from the Deck and the GY, even if you do not have a Labrynth monster in the Deck or the GY at activation, can be both negated by Loading... and Loading... . Pretty much this card is a custom support for the Deck, as alone it gives you access to your monsters and triggers your effects since it makes a monster leave the field by your Normal Trap effect (2 times from a single copy). Because of this card, you no longer need to run a lot of Normal Traps that remove monsters. The GY effect is Spell Speed 2, meaning that it is a Quick Effect, if it was not clear, like all Trap cards effects (outside of trigger effects).

Remember that you can only use one of the effects per turn, so if the first effect or the second effect gets negated, you will not be able to use the other effect.

Farewelcome Labrynth

Farewelcome Labrynth

Another "Welcome Labrynth" name that gets the Loading... effect:

  1. When a monster declares an attack, you can negate that attack, destroy a targeted card on the field and Set a non-Labrynth Trap from your hand or Deck.

This card can be searched with Loading... as well. If you decide to use it, it's probably the way you should do it. It has a lot of good effects paired in it, being able to basically destroy 2 cards if you have Loading... on the field, and replace itself with another Trap from the Deck. However, you can only activate it during the Battle Phase, and while you can use your own monster to trigger it, it's too slow at that point and your opponent can just not attack to avoid triggering it themselves.

Labrynth Barrage

Labrynth Barrage

A card, for some reason:

  1. You can copy with this card any other Normal Trap card effect (as long as you chain it to that activation).

This card is very weird, it's made to basically copy another Trap and bypass hard once per turn activation clause, but your opponent takes no damage for the rest of the turn when it resolves so you cannot use it to copy Burn cards.

So what is the use? It needs to be used directly in Chain to the Trap you want to copy, most of the time you'd rather just activate one Trap to remove a card your opponent played, then wait for the next one and not activate another in the same Chain. This card is basically only used for cheesy stuff like Loading... to mill your opponent, so this is not a card you will ever use in this deck.