Hello, welcome to our Infernoid guide. Infernoids can played as a going first deck (which focuses on getting to Loading... through the use of cards like Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... as well as disrupting your opponent with handTraps; usually played as a 40 card deck) or as a going second deck (which mills extensively to set up the GY for powerful plays using cards like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... ; usually played as a 60 card deck, can be played as 40 as well though).

One thing you'll soon learn is that drawing your Infernoids is usually bad as they are often bricks in the hand (we want them on field or in the GY). Because of this, you can run decks that have slightly more than 40 cards, to reduce the chances of drawing your Infernoids.

Reasons to Play Infernoids

Infernoids are a rogue deck that does struggle with bricking occasionally, because Summoning them from the hand will always make you go card negative. However, in combination with Loading... and their powerful effects, they can easily disrupt many meta strategies. Every main Infernoid can act as a Loading... and tribute removal, while the big Infernoids, Loading... and Loading... , act as negates that additionally banish the card they stop. This allows the deck to counter a lot of cards that have both an initial effect and one from the graveyard, such as Loading... . The deck's largest Monster, Loading... , may seem underwhelming at first as it's little more than a large body with 0 protection (as you never use its 10+ effect), but by sending other copies of itself or Loading... , it can further fuel your plays or destroy up to three cards on the field.

Because Infernoids can tribute themselves as cost and are all Quick Effects, they can offer creative outs to many frustrating cards. These will be detailed later in the guide. Overall, while the deck does struggle with bricking occasionally, it is a high-power and extremely versatile deck that will almost always be somewhat viable, as long as the graveyard is used for resources.

Main Deck Infernoid Monsters

Shared Effects

Most Infernoids share the effect:

  • "Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand or Graveyard) by banishing 1-3 "Infernoid" Monsters from your hand or Graveyard while the total Levels and Ranks of all Effect Monsters you control are 8 or lower, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways."

The big and medium Infernoids can be Summoned from hand or GY with 3 or 2 materials, respectively. The small Infernoids can only be Summoned from hand, but use only 1 material. They also all share the ability to tribute a Monster you control as cost (synergy with Loading... ) to either banish a card from your opponent's GY (the small and medium Infernoids do this) or to negate an effect (the big Infernoids do this) and banish the card.


Infernoid Decatron

Going first:

Infernoid Decatron is without a doubt the best Monster in the main deck. It sends to GY on Summon, copying that Monster's name and effect and is notably immune to Loading... , as that card must banish a Monster with the same original name. By sending Devyaty, you can protect against Loading... while you dig for Loading... or activate Loading... .

The power of this card is also the reason why Loading... is so powerful. By Summoning a Loading... and 2 Loading... , you gain access to two negates (by sending Loading... and Loading... ) whilst putting 3 Monsters onto the field and 2 into the GY.

You may have noticed that Decatron is a tuner as well. This opens up access to Loading... plays, which makes Link climbing for an OTK very easy.

Recommended ratio: Always 3.

Going second:

Just as good as going first, Decatron's ability to mill comes in very handy. Additionally, since you run the little Infernoids in this build, Decatron can function as a variable spot removal card. If you use Loading... or Loading... 's effects you will not be able to attack the same turn, but Loading... and Loading... are notably missing this restriction because they have 0 attack.

Recommended ratio: Always 3, unless you're trying a huge meme build with only 1 so you can Monster gate and mill 59. Just run 3.

The Big Infernoids

Infernoid Onuncu

Going first:

Infernoid Onuncu, when Summoned, destroys all other Monsters on the field including your own, but you can protect these with a milled copy of Loading... in a going second build. Infernoid Onuncu’s tribute effect lets you negate and banish a Spell or Trap card, so you almost always want to copy Onuncu’s effect with a Decatron Summoned off Loading... . Running good ratios of this card and Loading... is important as you want them in deck for Loading... as well as a target for Loading... .

Recommended ratio: 2 Copies. You can run 1 copy only, but drawing it will often be a death sentence. Even if you manage to activate Loading... , you won’t be able to hinder opponents nearly as much and may even get your board wiped by something like Loading... because you didn’t have a second Onuncu to copy.

Going second:

The same as going first, with the added advantage of being able to protect your Monsters with a milled copy of Loading... . Since you’ll be milling more Infernoids, there will be more opportunities to Summon this card as well.

Recommended ratio: Always 2.

Infernoid Devyaty

Going first:

Infernoid Devyaty is similar to Onuncu, wiping out all Spells and Traps except face-up Void cards when Summoned, and negating as well as banishing a Monster when its effect is activated. You always want to send one of these off of a Decatron when resolving Loading... , and can even send one off of a normal Summoned Decatron to protect yourself from Loading... .

When doing a Link climb for OTK, Devyaty is usually the Infernoid that you’ll pair with Loading... (or other cards) as 5300 + 2900 is lethal, Devyaty can nuke the backrow and can potentially stop a Loading... from resolving.

NOTE: If a Monster is in a different place than where its effect is activated when Devyaty negates it, she will not banish the Monster. The best example of this is the in-hand effect of Loading... .

Recommended ratio: Always 2.

Going second:

The same as going first. Notably, not only can Devyaty protect you from cards like Loading... , it can be used in the combo with Loading... to stop a card like Loading... .

Recommended ratio: Always 2.