@Ignister is a Cyberse archetype from the VRAINS era. Starting from the basic @Ignister cards, it has received a few more supports that really pushed this deck into competitive range, such as Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and many more. Being able to use as many tech cards as possible due to the low deck core, @Ignister proves its versatility against different matchups. Don't underestimate what this can end up - Loading... or Loading... + Loading... going first board with hand traps can be hard to overcome, and Loading... supported with Loading... can end the Duel quickly going second. A.I. think @Ignister is a formidable foe to combat!

Main deck


Achichi @Ignister (3x)

Achichi @Ignister

This card is one of the two main starters (alongside Loading... ). When this card is Summoned, you can add 1 Level 4 or lower @Ignister monster from your deck to your hand, except itself; this is your consistency piece that allows you to have access to other @Ignister monsters for your combo. Its second effect is banishing itself at the start of the Damage Step to destroy your battling Cyberse monster, which is niche at most. This effect is meant for Loading... , although you can use it to avoid battle damage involving your Cyberse monster, and the attack won't be redirected to another monster.

Maxed out at 3!

Pikari @Ignister (3x)

Pikari @Ignister

This card is another starter (alongside Loading... ). When this card is Summoned, you can add 1 A.I. Spell/Trap from your deck to your hand; with this, you have access to powerful A.I. Spell/Trap such as Loading... , Loading... and Loading... . Its second effect lets you target 1 @Ignister monster you control and make its Level 4 for that turn. This effect is meant for Loading... , which is decent as all Main deck @Ignister asides Loading... are non-Level 4.

Maxed out at 3!

Doyon @Ignister (1-3x)

Doyon @Ignister

This card is your recycler for your resources. When this card is Summoned, you can add 1 @Ignister from your GY to your hand. This card allows an extra name for Loading... by adding back the one that you Normal Summoned for your initial play and using it for A.I.Land's Special Summon, though you can also use Doyon for grind game by adding back Loading... or Loading... , efficiently acting as another starter. Its another effect allows you to add 1 A.I. Spell/Trap from your GY to your hand; this lays the foundation for an amazing follow-up coming from powerful A.I. Spell/Trap.

This card can be played at any amount you like. If you play 1, you favor more tech cards. If you play 2, you want to have another one for next turn follow-up. If you play 3, you focus on playing around disruptions more.


Bururu @Ignister (1x)

Bururu @Ignister

This card can send any @Ignister monster from your deck to your GY. You want to send Loading... for Loading... or any other pieces to revive with Loading... (You can Synchro Summon with the revived monster and bring it back to use its effects!) Nonetheless, sending other @Ignister is also an option if you have cards like Loading... or Loading... in your hand.

Played at 1! (Searchable via Loading... )

Danmari @Ignister (0x with Heatsoul, 1x with The Arrival)

Danmari @Ignister

This card is your primary target for Loading... to send with. While it is in the GY and you control a Link-6 Cyberse monster (Loading... , in this deck), you can banish it from your GY to target 1 face-up card your opponent controls and negate its effect for that turn. Negate an opponent's card is strong, hands down. Its second effect triggers when an attack is declared involving your @Ignister monster: You can Special Summon Danmari and negate that attack. Niche, but we take those.

Played at 1! (Accessible via Loading... )


Hiyari @Ignister (1x)

Hiyari @Ignister

Its own ability lets you Tribute another Cyberse monster to add 1 Level 5 or higher @Ignister from your GY to your hand and make its Level 4 for that turn; if you Tribute a Link Monster, you get to add Loading... as well. You usually want to add Loading... with this effect.

Played at 1!

Gatchiri @Ignister (1x)

Gatchiri @Ignister

You need to negate the effect of 1 Cyberse monster you control to bring it out. As for the payoff, it can protect each of your Cyberse monsters from destruction by a card effect once, during every turn. Also, when it it send from your field to your GY, you can target 1 face-up monster you control; that target is unaffected by your opponent's card effects until the end of your opponent's turn - very cool if you use it on Loading... .

Played at 1! (searchable via Loading... )

A.I.Land & Supports

Ignister A.I.Land (3x + Terraforming)

Ignister A.I.Land

The Field Spell that makes @Ignister a deck. (Not once per turn), if you control no monsters in your Main Monster Zone, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower @Ignister from your hand, but for the rest of this turn, you cannot Special Summon monsters with the same original Attribute, also you cannot Special Summon monsters, except Cyberse monsters.

This card is incredible as an archetypal Field Spell because of its non-OPT's effect that helps facilitate @Ignister's speed. In addition to the insanely busted effect above, you can Set Loading... from your GY to your field by banishing 1 @Ignister from your GY, making this card destruction-proof.

Thanks to the inclusion of Loading... , you will almost have access to this card every time. Running 3 (with Terraforming) is the most optimal way because you don't have to be reliant on Dark Infant. Thanks to hindsight bias, you can bait an Loading... and still be able to do your plays if you open your Field Spell anyway. With only 3 Ash Blossom in your opponent's deck against 4 A.I.Land in your deck, the odd is in your favor.

A.I. Contact (0-1x)

A.I. Contact

This card can churn through your deck with the right requirement. Go well with 3 Loading... and Loading... , but it is best used as a follow-up (you generally want to search your combo pieces directly instead of relying on RNG), or facing against Maxx "C" to draw into hand traps and survive. Generally it deserves a spot in the deck, although it's understandable to run none at all.

Other A.I. Spells

A.I. Meet You (3x)

A.I. Meet You

This card is essential in @Ignister deck as both a starter and an extender. By revealing 1 Cyberse monster with 2300 ATK in your hand or Extra deck, you can add 1 @Ignister monster with the same Attribute from your deck to your hand. This is a consistency key for this deck to search for any @Ignister you need.

Maxed out at 3!

A.I.dle Reborn (1x)

A.I.dle Reborn

This is your archetypal reviver, and as a bonus, this card is a Quick-Play too. This means you can revive 1 @Ignister during your opponent's turn, which can come up sometimes.

Played at 1! (Searchable via Loading... )

Cynet Mining

Cynet Mining

A staple for any Cyberse decks. At the expense of 1 card in your hand, you can search any Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster.

Other Options?

Doshin @Ignister
FA.I.ghting Spirit