Rocked and Loaded

Welcome to the comprehensive Guide for Gem-Knights originally written by

and (then) updated by and . is a TCG player who played the deck competitively between 2018 - 2020 until the ban of both Loading... and Loading... . He has several regional tops with the deck including an undefeated 8-0 regional win. and are both Diamond 1 Master Duel players and deck helpers in the Gem-Knights Channel.

Here is the list with link that you can copy as a template if you wanted to steal it and play it without reading anything. However, the chances of this being a successful approach are...low.

Below you'll find a combination of staples on how to build the deck, a quick summary of why those cards specifically, and some options for you to experiment with.

Why Gem-Knights?

While the deck isn't for everyone, Gem-Knights offer its pilots a non-linear combo deck with many different lines leading to 8,000 LP of burn damage. There's room for personal preference in both your deck building, and figuring out the puzzle that each hand presents is a rewarding experience on its own. It's rare that an FTK deck offers significant room for both skill expression and demonstration of mastery but Gem-Knights do just that.

The History of Yugioh's (Best) FTK

Gem-Knights are a series of EARTH Monsters released in 2010 that focus on using high attack Fusions to beat down your opponent. Instead, Gem-Knight players took one look at Loading... and quickly changed Gem-Knights from big bungus beatdown into an incredibly consistent FTK deck that was a mainstay in various formats, and has remained on the ban list for years.

Fortunately, Master Duel's banlist and best of one format is very friendly to Gem-Knights. Unlimits to Loading... , Loading... , Loading... as well as Loading... being put to 1 has returned Gem-Knights to some of their former FTKing glory.