Rocked and Loaded

Welcome to the comprehensive Guide for Vernusylph Gem-Knights (which will be referred to as vGems from this point forward) by

and your resident Gem-Knight helpers.

Here is the list with link that you can copy as a template if you wanted to steal it and play it without reading anything. However, the chances of this being a successful approach are...low.

Below you'll find a combination of staple cards for building the deck, a quick summary of why those cards specifically, and some options for you to experiment with.

Why Gem-Knights?

While the deck isn't for everyone, Gem-Knights offer its pilots a non-linear combo deck with many different lines leading to 8,000 LP of burn damage. There's room for personal preference in both your deck building, and figuring out the puzzle that each hand presents is a rewarding experience on its own. It's rare that an FTK deck offers significant room for both skill expression and demonstration of mastery but Gem-Knights do just that.

But What's a Vernusylph?

Glad you asked! Vernusylphs, are an archetype of EARTH Fairy monsters that (almost) all share the following effect:

"You can discard this card and 1 other monster or "Vernusylph" card; [unique effect], then you can Special Summon 1 EARTH monster from your GY, also you cannot activate monster effects for the rest of this turn, except EARTH monsters'."

These cards are everything for Gems, a deck that had been heavily struggling following repeated hits to its' consistency.

So how do we use them? Well, the Verns have four different effects, three of which are important. The best of the bunch are Loading... and Loading... . These two technically have different effects but in vGems they both do the exact same thing: add a Vern from your deck to hand and Special Summon an EARTH monster from the GY.

Loading... is the third best Vern, which is really saying something because its a foolish burial for any monster in the deck except for Loading... (the card you send must be Normal Summon/setable).