Gadgets - The Combo Deck at Home

Hi, My name is Smug and I'm a helper in the MasterDuelMeta Discord, the only Simorgh player in Master Duel and a lover of all things jank. I occupy the rare position of being both a) interested in playing Gadgets in Master Duel and b) willing to spend the time to write thousands of words about how you can do the same. Thus, I present this modern take on one of Yugioh's oldest archetypes.

What to Expect

This guide is going to be a little different than most of the guides you've seen before on MDM or elsewhere. Everyone knows what Gadgets do, and reading through the cards doesn't give you a clue about the potential this deck has. Because of this I will be explaining the Gadget combo first, and then we can work backwards and discuss the pieces.

Why Gadgets?

Gadgets are historically a slow, value based archetype of Level 4 pokeballs Machines that add a copy of another gadget to your hand on Normal or Special Summon. These original Gadgets, referred to as Stoplights, consist of Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... . Fast forward to 2016 with the release of the metallic gadgets (Loading... , Loading... , Loading... ) and Gadgets changed from a glacially slow value engine into a combo deck focused on utilizing the multitude of support available to Rank 4 Xyzs and EARTH Machines. Gadget decks now include a mixture of archetypes to produce boards that sport powerful links in combination with Xyz boss monsters including cards like Loading... , Loading... , and Loading... .

Boss Monsters