2023 May 07th:

  • Guide Overhaul with release of Support
  • Addition for P.U.N.K., Spright and Runick Fur Hire
  • Decklist updates
  • Trivia
  • Combo Guide full update

2023 January 26th:

  • Addition of "1 Card Folgo" section
  • removed engines that need further support
  • update for other engines
  • general overhaul of recent banlists

Table of Contents

Since this is a very long Guide here's a table of contents that will help you get to the sections easier. Via CTRL + F and searching for these Tags you will find the sections easier

Guide Contents:

  • Breakdown
  • Archetype Trivia
  • Archetype Cards
  • Small Engines
  • Staples
  • Extra Deck XYZ
  • Extra Deck Link
  • Budget Options
  • 1-Card Folgo Engines
  • Decktype Engines
  • Fur Hire as an Engine
  • Combo Guide
  • Decklists
  • Final thoughts



Hi, I am

and today I bring you a Guide about Fur Hire.

Fur Hire is a mercenary/pirate archetype that specializes in swarming the field. The low level monsters (1-4, with the exception of Loading... ) have an effect that allows the player to Special Summon other Fur Hire monsters while triggering their second effects. The high level monsters (5+) have more powerful effects that activate on Special Summon.

Loading... is the ideal opening play to search for any Fur Hire monster, but they can also be pretty versatile.