Introduction to Endymion

The Endymion deck, together with the Mythical Beast archetype, combines the age-old Spell Counters with the new-age Pendulum Mechanic to create a most skill testing and rewarding Strategy. Like other Pendulum decks, Endymion excels at going first and setting up huge negation boards, but what gives it the edge over its conspecifics is its incredible in-engine power to break boards and OTK going second. Even the strongest negation boards crumble under the sheer force of the "Select 1 to 7 cards to destroy" prompt of Loading... !

What are Spell Counters?

Spell Counters are your cards keeping track of how many Spells you've activated since they're on the field (some cards count a little differently, but the card text always explains how). You manipulate these Spell Counters and use them as an Additional resource system for your cards and effects.

These effects are very long so here's the card for card

King of the Citadel:

Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic

Endymion is everything a deck could ever want from its boss monster. He is extremely difficult to get rid of and if your opponent decides to do so by battle he searches ANY normal spell card from your deck, which most of the time is going to be Loading... , which on your next turn will give you access to your entire engine again. His protection is further reinforced by his effect to negate any spell/trap card or effect. And should all this somehow fail, you should not forget that this is a Pendulum deck! If Mighty Master ever leaves the field, he won't be gone for long...

Getting out as many Mighty Masters as possible along with a certain Mythical Beast we'll take a look at later is going to be your main gameplan going first.

But Mighty Master isn't just the lead actor going first, he's also your primary win condition going second thanks to his incredibly powerful Pendulum effect. Here's the breakdown:

  • Remove 6 Spell Counters from anywhere on the field
  • Special summon Mighty Master from the Pendulum Zone
  • Count how many cards you control that can hold Spell Counters
  • Destroy up to that amount of cards your opponent controls WITHOUT TARGETING
  • Put as many Spellcounters on Mighty Master as cards that have been destroyed

Your general going-second gameplan is to bait your opponent's interruptions while gathering Spell Counters to then wipe their board with Mighty Master and go in for the kill.

Servants to the King:

Servant, Magister, and Reflection of Endymion