EARTH Machines, or more commonly referred as Dozer Control, is a combo deck made of different archetypes that all share the Machine type and the EARTH Attribute: Infinitrack, Machina, Railway and some Ancient Gears. Unlike the usual combo deck, EARTH Machine doesn't combo to build impressive, unbreakable boards, but to gain card advantage turn 1, drawing into Traps and handtraps to allow you to disrupt the opponent and push for game on turn 3. The deck is really consistent having 12 one-card combo starters, allowing you to run a significant amount of tech cards.

Main Deck

Combo Starters

Infinitrack Harvester (3x)

Infinitrack Harvester

One of the two best Normal Summons in the deck. On Summon it searches any Infinitrack Monster and adds it to your hand. It also allows you to target another Monster on your side of the field and turn both Monster's Levels into the combined original Levels of the Monsters. This gives you access to bosses like Loading... or Loading... on your first turn.

Machina Metalcruncher (3x)

Machina Metalcruncher

When you control no face-up cards, you can Normal Summon Metalcruncher without tributing by lowering his attack to 1800. On Summon it will make you reveal 3 EARTH Machine Monsters from your deck, then your opponent adds one randomly to your hand.

Heavy Forward (3x)

Heavy Forward

On activation, this will let you add any Infinitrack Monster to your hand. You can also use its other effect to target a Machine Xyz you control and either change its battle position or attach this card to it as a Machina.

Machina Redeployment (3x)

Machina Redeployment

This card lets you add to your hand 2 Machina Monsters from your deck, and if you discard a Machina card, you can also add any Machina card, like Loading...