Introduction To Dragonmaids

The Dragonmaid archetype is found in the Dragon Luster Pack and revolves around fusion summoning. The Dragonmaid main deck monsters allow for consistent turn 1 plays and tagging out to their stronger versions. Dragonmaid fusions can be summoned more than once and allows for powerful boards and playing the game on your opponents turn. This deck can consistently revive monsters out the graveyard to allow further plays. The main boss monster Loading... is a very powerful disruption and can tag out to Loading... for a additional destruction.

Core Main Deck

Parlor Dragonmaid x3

Chamber Dragonmaid x3

Kitchen Dragonmaid x0-2

Nurse Dragonmaid x1

These cards are played at 3 (with the exception of nurse) because they're really good openers to your turn. You will find yourself searching, sending cards, adding cards, and reviving monsters. These monsters do a great job at setting up your board and making a follow up play on your next turn. Loading... allows you to send a Dragonmaid card to the graveyard. Loading... searches a Dragonmaid spell/trap from the deck. Loading... searches a Dragonmaid monster from the deck and discards a Dragonmaid from the hand. Though Loading... is not good as a starter, it is good with extenders. Optionally, this is a budget choice if you don’t haveLoading... . Loading... allows you to revive a Level 4 or lower Dragonmaid from the grave. Play with caution because without any follow-ups, your play can be interrupted with a negate and end your turn. On the declaration of the battle phase, these cards can return to the hand to play their other forms from the hand or grave.

Dragonmaid Ernus x1
Dragonmaid Nudyarl x0
Dragonmaid Tinkhec x0-1
Dragonmaid Lorpar x1

These monsters are core for fusion summoning, their hand trap abilities, and the use of “tagging out” in the battle phase. If you find yourself drawing these cards, then fear not; these cards also have specific effects that activate from the hand. They can vary from summoning a Dragonmaid to boosting the attack of a Dragonmaid. Note that if a Dragonmaid fusion is on the field, it cannot be destroyed by card effects.