Dragon-Link is a dragon-based, link toolbox, combo deck that can put up multiple interruptions with their various extenders. The main archetypes that really launched the deck into relevancy were the Rokket and Borrel monsters along with some light and dark support cards. The deck has gone through many different iterations throughout the years as various cards have been banned or limited.

The deck can get pretty complicated so please forgive the large blocks of text as I try to explain some of the mechanics of the deck.

Core Cards

Main Deck

Starliege Seyfert x3

Starliege Seyfert
This card is a fantastic starter as it can search the "Chaos Dragons", by sending itself to the grave, so that you can begin your combo. You want to run 3 so that you can see it as often as possible.

White Dragon Wyverburster x1-2, Black Dragon Collapserpent x1

White Dragon Wyverburster
Black Dragon Collapserpent
You want to search for the Black Dragon with your Loading... so that the Black Dragon can banish the Seyfert to summon itself. After sending the Black Dragon from the field to the grave by using it for a link summon, it will add the White Dragon to your hand. You can then banish the Black Dragon to summon the White Dragon. This combination of interactions allows you to link climb very easily. The reason that you want to run more of the White Dragon, in comparison to his black counterpart, is because there are more dark monsters in the deck than there are light, which makes it easier to summon the White Dragon.

Rokket Tracer x2-3

Rokket Tracer
Tracer is important for extending