Dragon-Link is a dragon-based, link toolbox, combo deck that can put up multiple interruptions with their various extenders. The main archetypes that initially launched the deck into relevancy were the Rokket and Borrel monsters along with some light and dark support cards. Within the past couple of years the deck has received support through the Bystial monsters, increasing the power of the deck once more. The deck has gone through many different iterations throughout the years as various cards have been banned or limited and new cards have been introduced.

The deck can get pretty complicated so please forgive the large blocks of text as I try to explain some of the mechanics of the deck.

Main Deck

Starliege Seyfert x3

Starliege Seyfert
Seyfert is one of the most important normal summons of the deck. It can search multiple cards in the deck as long as you send a monster with the same level from your hand to the graveyard. You'll usually be adding Loading... by sending Seyfert itself on the field to the graveyard. This gives you material to summon the Collapserpent right after searching it.

Rokket Tracer x2-3

Rokket Tracer
Tracer is important for extending your combo by using it's effect to destroy Loading... so that you can summon another Rokket monster from the deck. This effect does lock you into only being able to summon dark monsters from the extra deck, so be mindful of that. Tracer being a tuner is also important for making your big boss monsters and extending combos.

Rocket Synchron x1

Rokket Synchron
Rokket Synchron can revive your high-level dragons so that you can synchro summon some of your boss monsters like Loading... , and is important for summoning Loading...