April 25th:

  • Addition for out of Archetype Techs (Assault Engine & Danger?! Engine)
  • New Section "Important Dark Magician mechanics"
  • Added Combo "Baronne Negate Loop"

May 9th:

  • Addition for out of Archetype Techs (DPE & "Ready Fusion/Instant Fusion" Package)
  • New additions to generic cards and handtraps
  • New additions to Extra Deck cards

The Author

Hi, I am

and I have been playing Dark Magician in the TCG for several years now. Since the very beginning I was always a fan of magic and wizards, so I was immediately connected to Loading... himself. With the release of more and more archetype cards, Dark Magician has become a very fun deck to play, although I want to make it clear that it is not a very competitive deck at the moment. This can change with the future release of more support cards that are on their way, but we will see when the time comes.

The deck is versatile and has a few variations and options you can build it with to have fun in Master Duel with this archetype.

About Dark Magician

Loading... is an archetype that has been a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise since its beginning, with "Dark Magician" appearing as Yugi Muto's ace card. During the Battle City arc and subsequent arcs, more cards were introduced, such as "Loading... ". Originally a series, the release of "Loading... " cemented its status as an archetype while funnily enough being the only card that is not searchable. The archetype also contains a sub-archetype, the "Magician Girls".

The deck focuses around board control with Loading... and Loading... , looping Loading... to maintain pressure on the enemy and disrupting their plays mostly on the opponent's turn. You always want to go first and set up as many disruptions as possible, making it hard for your opponent to make their plays and beat them strategically.

Core Cards

These cards should be played in Dark Magician decks, as they are really good for the archetype.

Dark Magician (3x - 2x)

Dark Magician
The main monster of the deck. Your core playmaker for the additional effects of all your other cards. About the card itself there is not much to say, besides it being the ultimate Wizard in terms of attack and defense.

Some lists run 2, others run 3, this is more a personal preference. For myself, 3 is the way to go, especially when you do want to have a better access to the XYZ-Monsters. Playing with only 2 you will have a harder time to utilize your XYZ-Monsters efficiently, depending on your playstyle and list.

Magician's Rod (3x)

Magician's Rod
The core searcher of the deck. It will search you any Spell/Trap card that lists "Loading... " in it's name. It gets your game going and helps you dig through your deck for cards you need to advance your game and set up your turn 1 and onwards. It can also recycle itself from the GY on Spell/Trap activations/effects on your enemy turn, tributing a Spellcaster on your side of the field to enable a search every turn!

If you can get rid of Rod from the field to dodge a negating Monster/Spell/Trap effect like Loading... or Loading... while you activate it, the search will go off in the GY. This makes running cards like Loading... or in further turns Loading... good choices to get this effect off when your opponent tries to target negate it.

Keep in mind that this will not work against Loading... .

Magicians' Souls (3x)

Magicians' Souls
Lets you Special Summon "Loading... " or "Loading... " from your deck by sending them to the GY as it's cost. It also serves as a draw engine to send up to two Spells/Traps from your hand or field to the GY to draw up to the amount of cards sent.

It is our best access to both Loading... and Loading... to enable a better draw for Loading... and get your control game going. Keep in mind that both effects are once per turn.

If you are running Loading... , it has good synergy with it. You can activate Souls while under the effect of it and then send it to the GY as it's cost to draw at least 1 card and disable the monster negate so you can Normal Summon Loading... and get effects off this way, potentially going for a game-winning play.

Dark Magical Circle (3x - 2x)

Dark Magical Circle
The main engine that enables your control game with this deck. On activation it lets you look at the top 3 cards of your deck, select one Spell/Trap that lists "Loading... " in its text to add to your hand, then put them back in any order you like.

Special Summoning Loading... while circle is on the field lets you target one card your opponent controls and banish it! Both effects can only be used once per turn also only one circle can be activated per turn, so stay alert and time your banish carefully to make the most out of your banish effect. If your circle gets negated while you had a 2nd avaiable, you can't activate the 2nd one.

It's important to say that the search can be interrupted by either an Loading... or just removing circle face-up on activation with cards like Loading... .

You should not play less than 2 circles, as we do not have the necessary techs to reliably play with only a single Circle and protect it like the TCG can with Loading... .

Soul Servant (3x)

Soul Servant
This card is incredible. Currently one of the best cards we have access to for the archetype. It lets you put a card that specifically lists "Loading... " in it's name on top of your deck (Monster/Spell/Trap). The selected card can be from the deck OR the GY! It lets you recycle your one-of resources multiple times without playing more than one copy of them!

While in the GY you can banish it and draw cards equal to the number of "Palladium" monsters, "Loading... " and/or "Loading... " with different names on the field and in the GYs! This is a great effect to draw into literally anything you need in the current situation of the game!

At minimum this will always be a "draw 1 card" for just Loading... alone and draws into the card you put on top of your deck.

This card synergizes very well with "Loading... ", by chaining it to it's activation and guaranteeing an add if you choose a Spell/Trap with Servant.

Secrets of Dark Magic (2x - 1x)

Secrets of Dark Magic
Your main fusion spell of this deck. It is searchable by every single search card, it is a quick-play spell, meaning you can use it within the Battle Phase to put out even more pressure onto your opponent by attacking with one additional Monster or dodge targeted effects on your current field.

Due to it being quick-play, you can also use it on the opponent's turn to get your material into the GY to resummon it with Loading... (In case of the material being a Loading... , which it usually is).

Your two main fusions, Loading... and Loading... are easily fusion summoned into, so having a searchable fusion spell to do exactly this is very valuable.