It has finally arrived!

The long awaited In-Depth Guide to Branded Despia is here, and with this I hope to give every reader a thorough understand of how the deck works and what to expect when dueling against, or with, this deck.

Without further ado, let's start with the question, what exactly is the Branded Despia decktype?

Branded Despia is a fusion focused midrange deck, with heavy emphasis on resource management and matchup knowledge.

We have various ways of fusion summoning using monsters on the opponent's field, notoriously with the monster the whole deck revolves around, Loading... .

A very uncommon trait of this deck is that it rarely uses generic boss monsters for it's end board, often sticking to it's own archetype.

What's new?

With a recent pack, we have received a big wave of support, that has overhauled our playstyle and prompted the creation of this guide

In this section I'll go over those cards and give a brief summary of how they're used, or if used at all.

Guiding Quem, the Virtuous

Loading... has 2 important effects: The first one triggers when summoned in any way to send any card that mentions “Fallen of Albaz” from the deck to the GY, either allowing you to set up important monsters in the GY, or sending a spell/trap to be retrieved, similar to Bystial Saronir and Albion the Shrouded Dragon. The second effect lets you summon from grave any monster that mentions Albaz when a monster leaves the extra deck, that includes both being summoned and when sent to grave, like with Mirrorjade.

The Bystial Aluber

Loading... has a few effects, first, it is treated as “Fallen of Albaz while on field and grave, allowing some synergy with Guiding Cartesia and being used as fusion material. It's second effect is a trigger effect when summoned, where you can discard a card to take control of an opponent’s dragon, or summon one from their GY.

Brightest, Blazing, Branded King

Loading... lets you target an Albaz fusion and negate every other face-up card on the field, it can negate blowout cards, but at the cost of negating most of your own cards in the process. It can also add itself back to hand in the end phase if a fusion monster was sent to the GY this turn, making it decent discard fodder.

Etude of the Branded