When starting your account in Master Duel, it can be somewhat confusing where to start and what to do. This short guide by

, and will help you optimize your early resource gain!


Essentially, the main source of gems early one comes from dueling in Solo Mode and early lifetime missions. There is also a very decent deck for PVE (Shiranui) you can unlock in doing so, which is another thing we are trying to get. By doing the below mentioned steps, you will end up with about 10000 gems!

Step 1


By starting the game, you will have automatically have access to this tutorial. You can choose to skip these tutorials and still obtain the 1000 gems and 1 starter deck! The choice of the starter deck doesn't matter because you can eventually get all 3 from the missions.

Step 2


The actual starting point. You get access to this solo mode from the get-go. It's split into 2 branches. Main one has 6 duels in it and offers rewards such as Loading... , Loading... and Loading... , as well as Loading... mate! The upper branch has 4 quick tutorials that go over summoning mechanic, each giving you 600 gems upon completion, jumpstarting you with 2400 gems right away. You want to complete this solo mode asap.

Step 3

After completing the first 2 tutorials, we unlock 2 story modes. There is difference between "completing" and "finishing" the story mode.


To unlock next story modes, we only need to clear a few of them. Clearing a mode means just going from the "Scenario" to the "Goal" so we focus on clearing as fast as possible. The upper branch can be visited later for rewards as cosmetics and some gems, but those duels are somewhat harder so we won't focus on them for now.

Step 4


To get to the Shiranui deck clear the following story modes:

  1. "The Absolute Monarch"
  2. "The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords"
  3. "Ruin and Demise"
  4. "The Pyroxene Warriors"
  5. "Studying the Origin of the Karakuri" (this unlocks the Shuranui story)
  6. "Specter Slaying Flames"