Introduction to Beetroopers

At long last the bees are here!


Beetrooper is an insect-based archetype that focuses on link Summoning while also searching for extenders and handtraps (most notably Loading... ). Although the gameplan relies heavily on making Loading... to bring out Loading... , the deck's strength lies in its resilience and consistency, through its ability to utilize the non-once-per-turn effects of old insect monsters in tandem with fast-paced Beetrooper and Battlewasp extenders.

Different versions?

As it currently stands, Beetrooper makes effective use of the DPE package in almost all of its competitive builds. For clarity and simplicity’s sake, three versions will be distinguished, referred to respectively as:

  • The Adventure build (running Adventure + DPE)
  • The BeePE build (running DPE)
  • The Pure build (running neither)
The Adventure build

Arguably the most competitive build, which utilizes the Adventure package on DPE package. This restricts the possible range of plays, and simplifies many of the combo lines, but provides the deck with insulation, and a much needed omni-negate.

The BeePE build

Many Beetrooper decklists choose not to run the Adventure package, and rely solely on the DPE package, which they successfully supplement by being able to make use of Normal Summon effects like Loading... ’s, which is a 1 card Loading... , a 1 card Loading... , and more generally a great combo starter.

The Pure build

There also exists a pure, more combo-oriented version of the deck, which relies on Summoning Loading... and Loading... , but has seen far less competitive success, and will not be analyzed in depth within this guide (an example decklist will still be provided).

Main Deck

The core bugs

Resonance Insect

Resonance Insect
One of the aforementioned “old insect monsters”, which does not have a once-per-turn clause. When sent from the field to the grave (which can be done by simply linking it off into Loading... ), it can search for any Lever 5 or higher insect monster. The primary targets are Loading... , Loading... , or even Loading... . When banished, it can send an insect monster from the deck to the grave, Loading... being the main target.

Retaliating "C"

Retaliating "C"
The second “old insect monster” without a once-per-turn clause. When sent from the field to grave (note that unlike Loading... or Loading... it cannot be linked off into a link-1), it can search for Loading... , Loading... , and of course, Loading... . This card also doubles as handtrap, and Summons itself when your opponent uses a spell that Special Summons a monster (for instance Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , and any fusion or ritual spell). If Summoned this way, it becomes a Loading... on legs.