Hello, and welcome to the Armed Dragon Thunder guide by

. Sorry it took me a year to make this guide KEKW. Armed Dragon Thunder is a series of "Level" monsters that all have the same effect, where, they can send a monster from the hand to the GY to tag into the next step of the cycle, LV3 goes into LV5, LV5 into LV7 and lastly LV7 into LV10. If they are sent to the GY to activate a "dragon" monster's effect, they all get a little bonus effect. Loading... will draw a card, Loading... will add a level 5 or higher WIND Dragon from your deck to the hand, and Loading... allows you to add an "Armed Dragon" card from your deck to the hand. The main purpose of this deck is to get 2 level 7 monsters on the field in order to go into the heart and the soul of the deck, Loading... .

Core Cards

Pile Armed Dragon x3
Pile Armed Dragon

Pile Armed Dragon is the main starter card of the deck. You can simply send one WIND Dragon or a Lvl 7 or higher monster to the GY in order to special summon this card from the hand, then use its effect to send the Loading... from the deck to the GY (as a cost), then activate the LV5 to search for the Loading... . Tempest will then banish the LV5 and the monster sent with the Pile Armed, to special summon itself, giving you the two level 7 monsters on the field for Loading... . One thing to note here is the "downside" of the second effect, if you use it only ONE monster can attack for the rest of this turn. So, if you are going for an OTK or want to attack multiple monsters, postpone this effect until mp2.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV3 x3
Armed Dragon Thunder LV3

Armed Dragon Thunder LV3 is both a starter and an extender. In the scenario where you already have a way to summon 2 level 7 monsters without searching for tempest. LV3 is a good card to send off of Loading... just to draw a card. Preferably a hand trap.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 x3
Armed Dragon Thunder LV5

Armed Dragon Thunder LV5 is a crucial part of the deck, used to level up into the Loading... . More commonly used to search for the Loading... . In the off chance that you already have a Tempest on the field, LV5 can add another great extender Loading... . Also a very funny interaction this card has, is a tribute summon over something like Loading... , given to you by your opponent.

Armed Dragon Thunder LV7 x3
Armed Dragon Thunder LV7

Armed Dragon Thunder LV7 another crucial part of the deck. This is the card you want to draw and use with either Loading... or Loading... . It can search for pretty much anything, most commonly an Loading... . This gives you an extra body for later plays after Tomahawks resolution. If you are playing a version that uses Loading... , Armed Dragon Thunder LV7 is the main card you need to in order to bring it out.

Armed Dragon Flash x1-3
Armed Dragon Flash

Same as Loading... , is both a starter and an extender, you can play this card at 3 but only 1 is needed for the full combo. It can be searched for by Loading... and is mostly used to bring out an extra material for Loading... or Loading... . If you are in a situation where all of your LV3 are used, it becomes a dead card, and you never wanna draw 2 copies on your first turn. Playing it at 1 also gives you more room for other stuff.