Ancient Gear is a deck focused on going second to One Turn Kill your opponent by using Loading... . Its high 4500 ATK, piercing damage, ability to attack all monsters, immunity to Spell/Traps and preventing your opponent's monster effects during the battle phase means you are very likely to win if you manage to summon it.

That being said, Ancient Gear is still very much not a competitive deck, and the highest you can realistically reach with it is low diamond.

Core Cards

The following cards are necessary pieces to your Ancient Gear strategy. Let's go through the combo while we showcase how to use each card.

Summon from deck package

Ancient Gear Catapult
Archfiend Eccentrick
Chicken Game
Ancient Gear Fortress

Destroying Loading... , or destroying a card with Loading... will let you Special Summon an Ancient Gear monster from the Deck, kickstarting your combo. To do this, you need to draw one of the following 2-card combos:

Besides their use in these combos:

  • Loading... lets you remove an opponent's problematic card through either effect.
  • Loading... lets you draw a card, thinning your Deck.
  • Loading... protects your Ancient Gears from targeting, destruction, and your opponent responding to them. Do not use its third effect unknowingly, as it locks you out of your combos!

Wyvern package

Ancient Gear Wyvern
Ancient Gear Box
Infinitrack Anchor Drill
Ancient Gear Frame
Ancient Gear Golem
Ancient Gear Fusion

The card you will want to summon from Deck is Loading... . It lets you search Loading... , which then searches the card you will want to Normal Summon, which is either:

  • Loading... lets you search Ancient Gear golem, meaning that searching it lets you access two more Ancient Gear names for fusing. It can also search Loading... if you decide to play it.
  • Loading... lets you Special Summon box or other Ancient Gears you drew; helping you build field presence.

Playing a single Loading... is enough as you want to Special Summon it directly from the Deck, but you might want to run more and Normal Summon it if you're playing enough extenders to go with it. Normal Summoning it by itself is not enough to start a combo.

You might want to run two Loading... in case you draw one, as resolving its effect is crucial to your combo unfolding correctly.