Introduction to Altergeist

Disclaimer: I am not a proffessional tcg/ocg player. I just played the deck on some ygo simulators and this is the first deck i builded on MD and reached plat 1 with it. I think this could be a good overview for new players and people who don't know the deck, but feel free to add some infos if you think are needed.

What type of deck is Altergeist?

Altergeist is a slow control deck that usually wins outgrinding the opponents, making run out their resources while at the same time it gains a lot of card advantage, ricycling all his cards. If you love late game, this is the deck you're looking for.

The deck lacks in establishing a really big board on turn 1, and for this reason a lot of traps and handtraps will be needed to slow down the opponent and give you the opportunity to establish your board. Traps will be also the way you start playing, because after the resolution you will be able to summon Loading... , around which the deck works. Indeed special summoned multifaker will special summon another altergeist monster from the deck (usually Loading... or Loading... ). Despite seems a deck with old mechanics it has strong cards in the extra deck in the form of Link monsters that will hallow you to negate spells/traps, add cards from the deck to your hand, summon from the deck, recycling cards from your grave and making otk.

Core cards

Main deck


Altergeist Multifaker
Is the card around which the deck works. You will search it as soon as possible through cards like Loading... , Loading... or Loading... . Unfortunately we can play only 1 copy because the card is limited in this format.


Altergeist Marionetter
Enables you to set your archetiapal traps, like Loading... or Loading... directly from the deck. It also allows you to summon an Altergeist monster from the grave sending an Altergeist card (not only monsters) from the field to the grave.

Recommended ratio: 3