Adamancipator is a synchro-based archetype from Pyroxene Relinquished, one which finds itself with a rather peculiar gimmick: excavating. The main aspect and theme of the archetype is the split between its Tuner monsters, whose effects are capable of fetching other rock monsters from the top of your deck via excavating, and its non-Tuners, who instead gain effects when summoned from other Adamancipator cards. This is all capped off by its powerful trio of Synchro Monsters, all of which boast powerful excavate effects of their own.

However, the true key to Adamancipators is not found in any of its archetype cards, but rather in the generic Loading... , a card whose effects are so strong it singlehandedly pushed what would otherwise okay Deck into an amazing one.

Core Cards

Main Deck

Adamancipator Researcher, Seeker, Analyzer x3

Adamancipator Researcher
Adamancipator Seeker
Adamancipator Analyzer

The main trio. Three Monsters that Special Summon for free from the top of your Deck, all three with a rather comfortable Special Summon condition of their own, it doesn't come as much of a surprise they are all staple 3-ofs.

Researcher is obviously the strongest of the three as it works stronger with generic Rock Monsters and the one who you'll want to see most, but all three are too good not to have at the highest amount possible.

Block Dragon x1-3

Block Dragon

The heart and soul. As stated in the introduction, Block Dragon is absolutely vital to the consistency of Adamancipators, allowing for explosive plays on a regular basis, not to mention being able to summon itself multiple times a turn. When it comes to how many you should play, it's really up in the air for 1 to 3, as the card is easy to get to via cards like Loading... , who can search it, or Loading... , who can equip it to an Earth/Rock Monster from the Deck and have it activate when it leaves the field, even if that means not being able to summon Block Dragon for the rest of the turn. At the other end of the spectrum, 3 copies of Block Dragon allow for better play extension through disruptions that would stop you from searching the Card.

Koa'ki Meiru Guardian x3

Koa'ki Meiru Guardian

Another very important generic card, and your main way play through handtraps such as Loading... , Loading... , and even Loading... if you can Normal Summon it before your opponent uses it.

Doki Doki x2

Doki Doki