Hello and welcome to the world of going second, a magical place where lost coin-flips are wins, board-wipes are a dime a dozen, and archetypes don't exist. My name is

and today I will be escorting you through all you need to know about 8-Axis (formerly Luna-Kaiju), and the going second lists that are associated with it. In this guide I will be covering the four most popular variants of 8-Axis, as well as the best way to craft the deck on a Budget for those people looking to enjoy the deck without taking out a second mortgage. This version of the guide is updated following the September 29th Banlist.

What is 8-Axis?

8-Axis is the name given to a series of going second decks that forgoes any particular archetype of cards in favor of an amalgamation of generic going second cards and hand-traps. The result is an extremely flexible series of decks that is able to adapt itself for specific decks via silver bullets, or play a generic set of cards that make it fit to face anything in the field.

Everything is Branded (New)

Welcome to the Branded Meta! With the banning of Loading... and the limits to just about everything else playable Koanmi has achieved their goal and made the new cards just about the only thin worth playing. While a fun and diverse format is significantly more enjoyable to play, the truth is a 2/2.5/3 deck format is much easier for us to build around.

Along with simplified deck building comes another boon: Konami put Loading... to two copies. Pank, along with old power cards like Loading... and new addition Loading... has left 8-Axis well positioned against the metagame for the foreseeable future. With that out of the way lets build for Branded (and SwordSoul but not Floo because that deck is unbeatable for us oh my god I see birds normal summoning in my nightmares).

Picking Your List

8-Axis lists feature more variance than most archetypal decks. Very rarely do lists look the same even if they are focused around the same goals. So, in order to better understand what goes into 8-Axis deck building I'll cover some of the popular 8-Axis variants, including their strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision about what you want to build.

With that in mind the following elements will be covered in the guide:


But before we get to the specific lists lets discuss the basic elements of 8A decks.