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Event Information

  • The Duelist Cup is divided into two Stages.
  • Stage 1 is available from August 9th August 22nd.
  • Stage 2 becomes available for Duelist who reached DLv. 20 which begins August 19th and ends on August 22nd.
  • In this event, the time limit of a Duel is 300 seconds.

Stage 2

How to advance in the 2nd Stage

Win Duels and earn DP!

  • In the 2nd Stage, DP is earned by winning Duels.
  • Losing results in losing a portion of your DP.
  • Earn tons of DP and aim for a high rank!

About 2nd Stage DP

  • The amount of DP gained/lost depends on the difference in DP between you and your opponent.
  • There is no upper limit to the DP earned for a win, and the lower limit is 1000.
  • The upper limit of DP lost for being defeated is 1200.
  • *Players with 9000 DP or less will lose a reduced amount of DP upon defeat.

Stage 1


  • The first stage of the Duelist Cup plays very similar to the ranked ladder.
  • Reaching DLV MAX qualifies a player for Stage 2 of the Duelist Cup.
  • Gems, tickets and protecto are given to players for each DLV level.
  • Your DLv. will begin at the following levels depending on your rank in Season 7 (July) of Ranked Duels:
Rank DLv.
Silver Rank DLv. 3
Gold Rank DLv. 5
Platinum Rank DLv. 7
Diamond Rank and beyond DLv. 10


DLv Reward
2 100 Gems
3 Duelist Cup Reward Tickets x2
4 100 Gems
5 DC 2022 Aug Celebration Protector
6 100 Gems
7 Duelist Cup Reward Tickets x3
8 100 Gems
9 100 Gems
10 200 Gems
11 100 Gems
12 100 Gems
13 100 Gems
14 100 Gems
15 Duelist Cup Reward Tickets x5
16 100 Gems
17 200 Gems
18 100 Gems
19 100 Gems
MAX 300 Gems

DLv. MAX Decks

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